Worried That Password Protection Isn’t Enough? Here’s How to Strengthen It

Internet users might already know that simply protecting online accounts with a complex password just isn’t enough and it is a little pesky to keep track of different passwords for different accounts. You could try keeping the same password for all your different online accounts. But that is not good for your security as anyone with access to that password can access all your accounts. To top it off, if you use a weak password and re-use it to secure other important online accounts for online banking and online bills payment portal, could be easily be hacked and put your finances at risk.

Problems with Password Protection:-

It’s not just a simple password that makes it a poor security measure against trespassers. A lot of times, the websites are to blame for employing poor and sub-standard security measures that do not emphasize users to create strong passwords. Listed below are some of the most flawed drawbacks in password protection.

  1. Shorter Passwords Are Easily Hacked – Sure your password might be easy to remember, but it won’t fare well against hackers and cybercriminals. Since it’s their bread and butter to crack passwords, they make short work of any passwords that could be connected to a name or random words from the dictionary.
  2. Long Passwords Are Hard to Remember – Imagine clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ button, each time you log in to Facebook or Gmail. Well that is because you created a complex password that you failed to remember. And since it’s not advised to use old passwords repeatedly, it becomes a big chunky mess for your already busy brain to memorize. This becomes an even greater issue if you want to remember several such passwords.
  3. Passwords Need to Be Changed Continuously – There’s no way that you could use the same password from 2005 when you first created your Gmail account and not get hacked. Yes, this is a major problem as creating and remembering strong passwords requires a little effort and you don’t want to do this again and again.

How Passwords Are Stolen/Hacked?

  • Passwords can be peeked by strangers while you’re entering them on your keyboard.
  • Written down passwords can also be accessed by anyone.
  • Shared passwords can also threaten security if you forget to change them later.
  • Like mentioned above, easy passwords are also easily hacked.

How to Solve This Problem?

An innovative to manage all your passwords and ensure that they are inaccessible to anyone but you by simply using a password manager. What are they? Passwords Managers like their name suggests, are tools that help you store and lock all your online login details and passwords in a consolidated space. This space or vault is then locked with a master passcode that can only be accessed by you.

How Password Managers Make Your Online Details Secure?

Password Managers such as TweakPass will literally take the load of remembering multiple passwords, off you. When you have saved all your passwords with a Password Manager, all you need to do is visit the website you want to access and your login details will be automatically filled by the password manager. You are only required to be logged in to your password manager with the help of your master passcode and all the dirty work will be taken care by the tool itself.

Benefits of Using Password Managers

  • You only need to remember one master password to login to different accounts online.
  • Automatic logging in to online accounts also prevents others from peeking in your login details.
  • Password managers can also generate random passwords for all your account and keep them safe inside a vault.
  • Your master password also doesn’t need frequent changing and you can keep using the same Password Manager and passcode to secure your online account details.
  • This also makes it easy for you to change your passwords whenever you want without thinking too much about their strength.

So, stop being boggled in the treacherous web of password protection and simplify your life by using a Password manager. This not only makes your login details more secure, but also protects your identity from being tracked by any lurking hackers who want to use these details with mal intent. This also makes logging in much quicker, thus saving your time.

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