New Safari Features in iOS 12 for iPhone

Safari is always known for maintaining user privacy. With new iOS coming, Apple improves and increases iPhone capability to protect user data. To protect you and user data when online, Apple has added new features to Safari, its inbuilt browser.
The iOS will not make the debut until next September 2018, however, these new features on Safari appeared on a beta version of iOS 12. If you want to check out the latest features of Safari, read on!

Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention

While you read an article, you get Like and Share buttons from various social media applications such as Twitter, and Facebook. These may seem to be harmless, but they have a notorious side to it. As you see these buttons, they can track down all your movements without being connecting to it. They can track you even when you are not on these sites.

Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention

With the introduction of iOS 12, Apple has worked on improving enhanced intelligence tracking prevention, a feature which first came with iOS 11 in Safari. With this, you won’t get Like, Comment and Share when you are surfing the internet. This makes browsing easier and users will not get distracted by unwanted content and it will provide more protection.

If you want Like, Share and Comment button, you can get them as Safari will ask before blocking, providing you control on your internet privacy.

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Check Whether You Are Using Same Passwords:

Check Whether You Are Using Same Passwords

If you have the same password for more than one account, it could be a danger to your online security. Sometimes, we put the same password for different accounts and don’t even realize that. So, you can view the passwords in your iPhone with iOS 12, and you can check if your same password for different accounts. You can’t see the accounts for which you used the same passwords, but you can check the number of accounts the password was used for.

When you check the passwords, if you see the alert triangles beside any account, then it indicates that the account has the same password as others. You can change the password quickly by tapping “Change Password on Website.” Create a unique password for the account.

Siri Can Be Used For Passwords

With every iOS upgrade, Apple is working to provide us better digital assistant. Safari will be using Siri. if you want to access any of your saved passwords, you can command Siri to bring the password manager up.

Two-Factor Authentication Autofill

Another latest feature of Safari, two-factor authentication helps to protect your accounts from outsiders. So every time you want to login to an account, you need to enter a security code, received through SMS, quite frustrating! Now with iOS 12, the two-authentication code is auto-filled.

Password Manager API

iOS has an inbuilt password manager, but you can also to get a third-party app as well. However, it was not possible to access password or use autofill with a third-party app on Safari. So, if you want the autofill to work, you have to use an inbuilt password manager.

With iOS 12, Apple opens its own password manager application program interface to third-party apps. This means now you can use autofill passwords in Safari while using a third-party app.

Protection Against Fingerprinting

In terms of web, Fingerprinting is a method used by trackers to create a profile of user’s iPhone on the basis of system configuration information and browsing data accumulated from your device. So, when you are accessing a webpage, the tracker can use your iPhone’s profile to know who you are. With iOS 12, Apple is claiming to implement things to avert fingerprinting –

It shows a simplified version of your system config, due to which more and more devices look identical.

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No Support For Legacy Plugins

It shows the inbuilt fonts index, so custom installed fonts won’t be utilized as a unique identifier. All these things will stop trackers from tracking you and identifying your device.

So, these are amazing new Safari features which will make your browsing experience better than ever. This will also increase the interaction between Apple’s API with the third party, opening to new possibilities of accessibility.

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