8 Best Measurement Apps For Android and iOS

For measuring real-life objects, we reach out to physical rulers and inch tapes. But what if a ruler or tape is not available, or what if someone else is using yours? Would you wait and delay your measuring task? That depends. However, if it’s an emergency, all you need to do is take out your smartphone (iOS or Android), install a measurement app and you are all sorted.

The question lies – What measurement app for Android or iOS should you choose? We’ll make it easy for you to decide. But, before that –

Why Do You Need A Measurement App?

We certainly don’t deny that for accurate analysis, a physical ruler or inch tape is still the first choice of preference. But, let’s say you want to keep something handy so that you can take measurements quickly. That’s where a measurement app will help and amaze you. Using it, you can easily measure the length, angle, or distance between two real-world objects. These apps are fairly reliable as they’re powered by AR (Augmented Reality) and on-device sensors.

The best part is, when using a ruler or inch tape, you might need assistance. But with an app, you can measure an object all by yourself.

8 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS

It’s time to turn your Android/iPhone device into a measuring tape to make fast, easy and accurate measurements.

1. AR Ruler: Camera Tape Measure

AR Ruler Camera Tape Measure

This app uses Augmented Reality (a term used interchangeably with virtual reality)  to measure a real-life object. To do that you can aim at the intended object and depending upon what parameter you have chosen, the app will display the right measurement details.

What Features To Expect

  • Measure the distance from your device’s camera to a fixed point on the targeted 3D plane.
  • You can measure things in cm, mm, m, inches, yards, and feet.
  • Measure angles, height, length of a path, and even small objects.
  • Calculate the volume of 3D objects.
  • Generate plans for drawn objects and export the plan in a PDF format.

Android | iOS

2. Moasure


Moasure measurement app for Android and iOS comes packed with a ruler, measuring tape, angle measurer, and goniometer. It uses the same technology which is found in space guidance systems, more specifically the accelerometers and gyroscopes of your device.

What Features To Expect

  • Easily measure distances greater than 30ft (up to 1000ft).
  • Different measuring modes, measure spaces, objects, angles, and height differences.
  • Measure different paths made up of straight lines to irregular surfaces using the paths feature.
  • The Moasure coach will help you enjoy increased accuracy.
  • Label and save measurements for future use by printing, emailing, or sharing them via SMS.

Android | iOS

3. AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler

A floorplan is mostly something that architects use. But what if you have taken it upon yourself to place objects like beds, desks, almirahs, and similar stuff?    Measure distance right through your smartphone to check if you can accommodate these objects. AR Plan 3D Tape Measure can make your life simpler.

What Features To Expect

  • Measure windows, doors, and house flooring.
  •  Additionally, you have the option to add doors and windows.
  • Measure the height and perimeter of a room in metric or imperial units – cm, m, mm, inch, yard, and feet.
  • Create a 3D floor and 2D side view plan with accurate dimensions.
  • Share a JPG or PDF of the floor plan.

Have a JPG and want to convert it to PDF, this post will help you out

Android | iOS

4. Measure


Have an iPhone? You may not know but your device already has a great measurement app in the form of “Measure”. As far as this app is concerned, Android users are out of luck on this one. You can click on the link above and dive deeper into all its features. But, here, we’ll give you a glimpse of the handy features you can expect.

What Features To Expect

  • Measure rectangular objects.
  • You can measure a person’s height.
  • Measure four corners of a square object – g., a painting.
  • Adjust measurements accordingly.
  • Save measurements for later use and share them with other users.

Check it out here

5. Ruler App: Camera Tape Measure

Ruler App Camera Tape Measure

Rule App is yet another app for Android and iOS that uses augmented reality to measure objects accurately. To use this app, it is important that your device is ARCore-supported. To check if your device is compatible, you can visit this website. If your device supports building Augmented Reality experiences, check out the range of tools the app offers:

What Features To Expect

  • Find the area and perimeter of objects.
  • Calculate the length of a path.
  • Measure the angle of the corners.
  • Rename the objects whose size you have measured.
  • Determine the height of an object with regard to the surface.

Android | iOS

6. TapMeasure – AR utility

TapMeasure – AR utility

The name of this app is quite apt. All you have to do is tap on your iPhone screen toward the object whose parameters you want to measure and you will get accurate measurements. TapMeasure uses AR and computer vision to evaluate accurate measurements.

What Features To Expect

  • Create 3D models of rooms and save them as a reference.
  • Smart Level mode helps you automatically level artwork and frames.
  • Quickly outline items on the floor or wall.
  • Automatically detect objects such as artwork, windows, doors, etc, and include them in your model.
  • Export 3D models in SketchUp as .SKP file.

Get it here

7. Measure Tools – AR Ruler

Measure Tools - AR Ruler

Measure Tools – AR Ruler app makes it easy for you to measure the distance between two detected points, provided the lighting conditions are good. This measurement app can prove to be helpful if, for instance, you want to find out if the couch in your living room will fit in your bedroom or not.

What Features To Expect

  • Find the horizontal distance/ space of items.
  • Calculate angles between two segments.
  • Box Preview mode can help you in finding out how an object will look in your room.
  • You can use Chain Measurements to measure irregular surfaces or large items.
  • Measure the heights of people or objects.

Get it on Android

8. RoomScan Pro LiDAR Floor Plans

RoomScan Pro LiDAR floor plans

Do you often have to make floor plans? If yes, you are going to like RoomScan Pro measurement app for iPhone. It works well for measuring the distance in all the rooms. And, one of the best aspects of the app is that it even works well in dim light conditions.

What Features To Expect

  • Not just ceiling height or wall areas, you can calculate heat loss parameters as well.
  • Scan building exteriors and plots.
  • Capture photos and dictate notes. These notes will automatically be positioned on the plan.
  • Annotate plans with Apple Pencil.

Get it on iOS

Did You Get The Measurements Right?

So, which of the above-mentioned measurement apps stood up to your expectations? Do name your preferred app and a line or two about your experience with it in the comments section below. And, in case, there is an app that you use often to measure objects and it didn’t make it to the list, do let us know in the comments section below.

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