4 Ways To Fix Google Drive Not Syncing On Windows

One of the most well-liked cloud storage options is Google Drive. Its best feature is the capability to sync files on a real-time basis and reflect modifications instantly on all devices. However, you can fail to retrieve some of your newly uploaded files if the Drive’s sync capability malfunctions.

A sluggish internet connection could be one of the many causes of the synchronization issues. However, there are many more as well. Continue reading to learn about suggested workarounds if you’re experiencing difficulties reaching Google Drive to manage files on Windows. 

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How To Fix Google Drive Not Syncing On Windows

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1. Reboot Your Computer:

The best and most effective technique to fix Windows errors like Windows programs failing to start or PC screen freezes can be fixed with a reboot. Additionally, a restart can resolve sync problems with online storage services namely Google Drive or OneDrive.

Step 1: Click the Windows icon and then Power button.

Step 2: Finally, to reboot your PC, click Restart. 

Step 3: Try downloading/uploading any file using Google Drive for the desktop after your computer has completely booted up.

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2. Get Rid Of Temporary Files:

Reconnecting a Google account usually fix sync problems. However, if it doesn’t delete Windows temp files, it is another method for fixing syncing issues. Windows creates temporary files to ensure that all computer programs execute without interruption. But, if these files are corrupted, Windows applications start to act strangely and cease functioning properly. The best way to eliminate all corrupted files and correct several typical sync issues is to clean temporary files. The best PC optimization software helps in this task. 

Use Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is an amazing complete optimization tool for Windows PC. It comprises many modules to fix issues within your Windows OS and helps users get rid of temporary and junk files. It also helps get rid of browser cookies and cache. Once you get rid of all the different types of temp files using this app, you can check if the Google Drive not syncing issue has been resolved.

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3. Verify The File Sync Permissions Needed:

In addition to downloading and uploading your files/folders to cloud service, you can use Google Drive to access other people’s files when shared. However, before transferring the files via Drive, the sender must provide you with the necessary permissions. As a result, there is a possibility that you might not have the required rights if you attempt to sync the shared files. You must then click Request access or request permission from the owner of the file.

For troubleshooting, you can switch the Google Drive folder if the files are yours. Open Google Drive Preferences and select Folder from the list of choices under the heading “Google Drive streaming location” to accomplish this. On the ensuing dialog box, select Restart now to confirm the changes were properly implemented.

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4. Other Solutions To Sync Problems:

As a final resort, use the following troubleshooting procedures to repair the Windows synchronization error:

Enable Google Drive to launch at startup: Go to Google Drive Preferences and select Launch Google Drive on PC startup to enable Drive to start up immediately when your computer turns on.

Check your Drive’s Storage: Google Drive provides only 15GB of space for regular users. Due to storage restrictions, you might be unable to upload new files if your cloud storage is limited.

Change the Sync option: If you change the Sync options, Google Drive will no longer sync any files. Click the Settings (gear) button in Google Drive and choose Resume syncing to undo it.

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The Final Word

The greatest option to save your files on the cloud drive and keep them all synchronized across several platforms, without a doubt, is Google Drive. However, haphazard syncing problems destroy the experience entirely. The biggest headache is, most crucially, that you can’t access your files.

Your Windows machine may have finally resolved the sync issues. However, this might still occur with any online browser. Your Google account or Google Drive settings are the most typical culprits for such sync problems. Therefore, you should refrain from making unauthorized changes to your preferences.

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