Jigsaw Ransomware’s Terror – Save Your Data Before it Deletes

Ransomware and its variants were already deceitful, and now another one has knocked down to play a nasty game with users to roll out as much as money from their pockets. Hackers are terrifying users by threatening them to pay ransom else the files will be deleted from their system in every next hour. Not only this, if you try to stop the process or restart the system, Jigsaw will delete 1,000 files from your system.

Jigsaw is the first ransomware which creates copy of all the users’ files, encrypts the copies with the extension, fun files and deletes the original. Some variants of it even changed the file extensions into KKK, BTC, and. GWS files. It uses Portuguese language also to warn users about the attack.

Once Jigsaw ransomware is done encrypting users’ files, it will give users 24 hours to purchase $150 worth of Bitcoin to send them to the specific address. If, however, users delay in paying the ransom, the files will be deleted as well the ransom amount will be increased by hackers.

This Jigsaw Ransomware is a detrimental process and obviously created with the intention to pressurize users to pay Ransom as soon as possible. At this point of time, it is completely unknown how this ransomware is distributed.

What does ransom note say?

The ransom note has a 60-minute timer that counts down to 0. As soon as it reaches to zero, it starts deleting a certain amount of files depending upon how many times counter has been reset. Every time users try to reboot the system, the counter increases and delete more files on the next reset.

The ransomware note goes like this:

I want to play game with you. Let me explain you the rules.

Your computer files have been encrypted. But you don’t need to worry as they are not deleted yet. Pay 150 USD in Bitcoins in 24 hours to get your files back. Remember that every hour, some files will be deleted and it will increase with the passage of the time. If 72 hours passed and you didn’t pay, all the remaining files will be deleted.

If you do not have bitcoins, Google the website localbitcoins. Buy 150 American dollars to obtain the fair number of Bitcoins. Send those bitcoins to the specified address. Once the bitcoins are received, your computer will receive the key to unlocking files and return the system to the normal state.

Thank you.

Solution to fight Ransomware

Jigsaw is one of the dreadful ransomware due to its aggressive nature of deleting files.

With the passage of time, users are becoming more aware. As a result of this, criminals are trying to move a step ahead and use different techniques from what are known, like email attachments and malicious links.

Therefore, it is important to look beyond the traditional methods to fight against ransomware. Users should use a powerful anti-malware and anti-virus of a reputable company to detect and remove malware and ransomware from the system.

Another way users Must do is to create a backup of their data regularly. Use Right Backup Anywhere to backup your data safely on Cloud. It offers easy restoration to the desired location along with anytime anywhere access.

Backup your Important Files on Cloud. Right Backup Anywhere help to protect your data aganist ransomware attack You can securely backup your important files on cloud and it will be safe from ransomware attack. If you infect with ransomware attack. Just restore your files from cloud and you don’t want to pay ransom money. Right Backup has amazing feature here are:

  • Automatically back up your important files to the cloud
  • Access your files anywhere you go
  • Easily share files with anyone
  • Restore files quickly even if your device breaks down

Prevention is better than cure. Get system utilities to tighten up the security of your data and computer. Regretting after the loss won’t get your data back!

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