8 Best VR Games For Oculus, PC & PlayStation To Enjoy In 2023

Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive & PlayStation VR are some of the most popular Virtual Reality Platforms that are capable of redefining the realities while connecting you with a world of digital entertainment. And, games with VR support provide a way to indulge yourself in that new world. These games sweep you off your feet, lets you jump to the virtual edges, and have a thrilling experience different from the real world.

Since these platforms support popular OSes like Windows, Mac, Android & iOS, we will introduce you to a list of the best VR games for Oculus, PC & PlayStation that you can play in 2023. Keep scrolling!

List Of Best Oculus, PS & PC VR Games | Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings (2023)

1. Pistol Whip

Available: Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation VR, PC

Rating: 4.9 (Based on 9,198 User Reviews)

Latest Version:

Price: $20.99

Pistol Whip

Those who like action and action-packed movies, for example, John Wick, Transporter, etc. would fall for this top VR game for Oculus. The coolest thing is that you don’t need to find any rules here; you are free to shoot and dodge the targets the way you want.

The tactical music, amazing FPS and cinematic violence are breathtaking. Go out, find your heist and start shooting your enemies off.


  • It’s a physical action-rhythm game. 
  • The physical FPS is fueled by dynamic tracks & dreamscape visuals. 
  • Play within 30 unique Scenes. 
  • Aim and fire on the beat as you barrel through Scene after Scene.
  • Plenty of modifiers and options.


  • Feature arcade-style scenes/songs. 
  • Explosive first-person shooter gameplay
  • Gets regular content updates.


  • Dodging obstacles can be fussy. 

2. Vader Immortal

Available: Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PS4, PC

Rating: 4.2 (Based on 15,381 User Reviews)

Latest Version: 1.1.1

Price: $9.99 (Each episode)

Vader Immortal

There are 3 episodes of Vader Immortal that remind of famous Star Wars instantly. We are calling it one of the top VR games for Oculus because of its graphics, aura, and vibe, it sends to you. You are stepping into the galaxy war, far from home and uncovering the ancient mystery it has hidden for you.


  • Has 3-part series packed with immersive cinematic storytelling with dramatic play. 
  • Surprisingly interesting plot that involves Vader looking for the key to immortality.   
  • Features genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. 
  • Descend into Darth Vader’s mysterious fortress alongside new allies.


  • Enjoy a luxurious VR experience within the Star Wars galaxy with unparalleled freedom. 
  • If you love Star Wars, then the Virtual Reality game is worth the price. 
  • The sense of physical presence is excellent. 


  • Twitchy, imprecise controls. 
  • Lack of locomotion options.

Get It Here

3. Moss

Availability: Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, HTC Viveport, PS5, PC

Rating: 4.81 (Based on 6,210 user reviews)

Latest Version:

Price: $30


This single-player action and adventure game could be added to the list of your best Oculus games. The characters are compelling, combat is pretty much gripping, and you can enjoy the whole world exploration in the matter of time.

You will meet a young mouse who is willing to explore the dreams beyond the confinement. Now throughout her journey, you will accompany her  to face challenges, battle enemies.


  • Single-player action-adventure puzzle game. 
  • Packed with compelling characters & gripping combat. 
  • Travel to a lively world & explore fantastic places. 
  • Solve puzzles, combat evil, and achieve victory together.


  • Works flawlessly on older PCs as well. 
  • Internet connection not required.
  • Multilingual support. 


  • There is no option for replaying it

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4. Arizona Sunshine

Available: Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Rift, Rift S

Rating: 4.0 (Based on 5,961 User Reviews)

Latest Version: 1.6

Price: $39.99, Add-ons are available at $4.99, $2.49

Arizona Sunshine

How about some zombie surprise as soon as you meet your VR? Arizona Sunshine is one of the top VR games for you that takes you on the Southwestern continent overrun by zombies. You are running with motion-controlled weapons and keep finding the ammo on your way. After all, you have to save yourself from scary zombies out there.

You have 25 different weapons with which you can explore the world out, be it deserts, canyons and mines, 3 more players join your army in the Horde mode. Go and blow off their heads!


  • Packed with genres like Action, Horror & Shooter. 
  • Puts you & 3 fellow survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, where the goal is survival. 
  • Handle 25+ weapons with real-life movements. 
  • Explore adventurous and horror environments including desserts, canyons & mines


  • Discover a thrilling post-apocalyptic world in VR like never before. 
  • Armed with motion-controlled weapons. 
  • Supports languages like English, Chinese, French, etc.


  • Limited checkpoints. 
  • Issues with Oculus Touch.

5. Bait

Available: Oculus Quest, Gear VR, Go

Rating: 4.1 (Based on 24,348 User Reviews)

Latest Version: 1.11.61278

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Sports, adventure and exploration, are some of the words that define this free VR Oculus game straightaway. Come to Bait island and enjoy fishing and save the struggling aquarium where you work.

There are four different lakes with different sets of fishes. Now the challenge is if you can catch them all. However, the storyline is a little short, but you can simply relax your mood with this one of the top games for Oculus.

Get It Here


  • Has 60+ types of fish to catch. 
  • Offers 7 different lakes, each with a distinct style and its own unique set of fishes.
  • Play using your Meta avatar. 
  • Select your own rods, reels, and bobbers to have a personalized experience.


  • Enjoy multiplayer fishing with up to 4 users.
  • Supported controllers include Gamepad, Touchpad & Oculus Go Controller.
  • Lightweight & good VR game for Oculus.  


  • Doesn’t add frequent updates.

6. Oculus First Contact

Available: Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Rift, Rift S

Rating: 4.5 (Based on 1,372 user reviews)

Latest Version: 1.1.9

Price: Free

Oculus First Contact

Amongst the list of best free Oculus rift games, Oculus First Contact is totally unmissable. Through this, you will visit a realm that is next to impossible in the real-world but the experience is totally worth looking at.

Those who are new to VR games on Oculus, they would love to understand that it creates around you.


  • Single User game mode is supported. 
  • You can ‘create’ objects/effects using floppy disks. 
  • There’s no violence, conflict, or swearing VR experience.


  • Offers good finger tracking. 
  • Straightforward instructions & easy-to-play game. 
  • Lightweight virtual reality game.


  • Limited space forces users to crash onto people & objects. 

Get It Here

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7. Dragon Front

Available:  Oculus Rift, Rift S, Gear VR, PC

Rating: 3.9 (As per 757 user reviews)

Latest Version: 2.3.20

Price:  Free with in-app purchases

Dragon Front

Love the battlefields? Here you go! Dragon Front is known for its immersive card battler mixes combined with the hard mixes of high fantasy World war 2. Here, you are going to catch rampaging giants, intimidating war machines and the cool but soaring projectiles.

It is an online multiplayer and best free Oculus game, where players from all over the world can come and lean over. A diverse range of armies with their distinct power and legendary championship system is totally worth checking out.


  • Users get cards with creatures/spells that you can use to destroy your enemy’s forces. 
  • Play online against real humans from around the world.
  • You can see a mask representing your opponent mimicking their real gestures. 
  • Each army is equipped with unique powers, traits, and strategies.


  • Play head-to-head online or in Conquest story mode. 
  • Users can talk to the opponents on VoIP. 
  • Build 30 card decks from over 460 battle-hardened soldiers.


  • Doesn’t mentally exhaust you with twitchy gameplay. 
  • You can’t multi-task during your opponent’s turn. 

Get It Here

8. Altspace VR

Available:  Rift CV1, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, PC

Rating: 3.5 (Based on 586 User Reviews)

Latest Version: 4.3

Price: Free

Altspace VR

Take yourself in another world and enjoy with the locals through this one of the best free Oculus rift games. Here, watch some live shows, attend cool classes and enjoy meetups with the friendly people around. Open mic night, meditation, LGBTQ+, are some of the communities you can find

Choose to play alone or call your friends to join in this free VR game on Oculus!


  • Create or attend a seemingly endless array of virtual Events.
  • Allows people to meet and interact online using avatars.
  • Offers a mixed reality environment where users from around the world can assemble. 
  • Follow specific channels as per your area of interest. 


  • Available in 2D mode on PC. 
  • Increases moderation within PC virtual reality games. 
  • Integrated with Microsoft Family Safety features.


  • Microsoft shut down social hubs. 
  • A Microsoft account will be required to use AltspaceVR.


We are sure you will enjoy your fun zone extremely well with these free VR games for Oculus as well as the ones you need to pay for. Enjoy them and let us know in the comment section below which one is perfect for you. Meanwhile, check out:

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