7 Games That Enhance Creative Thinking

Everyone including professionals, engineers all need time to relax and enjoy downtime while working. Nothing compared to playing games can be more comforting. Work hard and party harder should be the motto of life.

There are number of games around but if you are looking for games that keeps your mind active even when you unwind. We list down such games that are spiced up by a hint of engineering in them, they will make you think and plan new strategies.

You may find some games to be weak, some that involves direct engineering, some to be immersive but on a whole they won’t disappoint you that is for sure.

Here, is the list of 07 games that we think will boost the engineer in you and will get that hidden strategist out of you. If you have any suggestions, share your feedback.

1. Tetris

Many of you must have already heard of it and might have played also. It is a classic game that keeps your occupied and your mind working. The game first appeared in 1984 and since then he has been revamped n number of times.

Tetris is made with an illusorily simple concept one must be a quick decision maker to play the game. As random blocks keep coming you need to decide how to rotate them so they can fit into the place. If you are slow then you will loss the game and the screen will be filled up with blocks and in no time game will be over.

tetrisAs you progress the blocks starts coming more rapidly giving you less time to think thus creating pressure. This makes player learn how to be a decision maker even in difficult situations. The game is not made keeping engineers in mind, but it will keep you engaged and will enhance your problem-solving skills. Play Tetris and learn to solve real world problem.

2. SimCity

Another classic game that has been popular amongst all age group for long. First game series of SimCity was published in 1989 since then numerous versions have been released. An all-time open-ended city building game where the player must establish and develop a city from a patch of green land, define building created by development zones, residential zones for Sims to live in; commercial zones for shopping, industrial zones to provide work via factories, laboratories and more.



The game sets the player as a city planner/mayor/construction company in charge of setting up a city where happiness of the citizens has to be taken care of  by keeping all in budget. An aptly named game that will keep the player occupied as he must take care of basic amenities of citizens, their happiness, maintain peace in city and much more.

It may look simple but you need to plan everything and it is the best game that will make spending time on a game worth it. Unquestionably the game has encouraged many civil engineers.

3. Space Engineers

Space Engineers a voxel-based sandbox game set in space and on planets, is available on Steam as an early access game since 2013. While still in development over one million units have been sold.

space engineers

The gameplay begins by taking the player into a world of space where he has to select or join a world. It is a game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space on planets. Players build space ships, space stations, planetary outposts of different sizes and use. Travel through space to explore planets and collect resources to survive. An exciting game developed and published by Czech Republic developer Keen Software House.

4. Infra

A first-person adventure game developed by Loiste Interactive is developed in various parts out of which the first was released January 16, 2016. A new enter as compared to others discussed so far.


Infra is set in the fictional city of Stalburg, a city about the Baltic Sea where the player (a structural engineer) inspects crumbling city. To finish the game player must solve mechanical and electrical puzzles and choose between saving his life or the city. Primary task is to stop the city from falling.

5. SpaceChem

An indie puzzle-based game developed by Zachtronics Industries based on principle of automation and chemical bonding. The player needs to take role of a Reactor Engineer working for SpaceChem, construct elaborate factories to convert raw material into usable chemical products.


His task is to create circuits through which atoms and molecules will flow to produce chemical shipments at each level. To solve the puzzles player needs to think out of the box and it will keep you engaged without you even realizing the time you spent playing the game.

SpaceChem will test your chemistry know how and will provide understanding of the chemical compound relation.

6. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod a.k.a. GMod is a sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman that simple lets you play. Player can create own story, can manipulate ragdolls and props such as furniture, shipping containers, and bins to do as you wish.

Garry's mod

The game also offers a Physics Gun that allows to rotate, pickup and freeze ragdolls and props. The gun is a multipurpose tool that performs various task like restricting props, creating integrative button and creating controllable winches and wheels.

7. Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is the fourth game in the Elite video game series released in 1984. It is a massively multiplayer space epic game where player must take control of the starship in an evolving, connected and cutthroat galaxy.

Elite Dangerous

Players can fly from one-star system to other, trade goods, mine asteroids or engage in space piracy to collect cash and upgrade their ship.

There are many more games like Don’t Starve, Minecraft, Fallout 4, Civilization V, Factorio, Monster Hunter and more that could be included in the list. But we must stop somewhere the games we have listed won’t let you stop playing them. They will make you think strategically and in a planned manner. The above list is based on my own discretion it has nothing to do with best or popular games.

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