7 New and Useful Things to Try on Your Alexa Speaker

With Alexa powered devices we can have a better control over our smart home appliances. Recently, Amazon launched a series of new commands and a bunch of software improvements for all Alexa devices. So, as your Alexa is more knowledgeable here are a few new Alexa commands that you can try to improve your voice assistant experience.


In the upcoming updates, you can see a whole new side of Alexa that can allow you to control your smart home in a more efficient way. So, if your house is flooded with a bunch of Alexa powered devices from Echo to wall clock to LED bulb here are some new commands that you can try on.

Alexa Guard

The more the smart appliances, the more is the risk. To secure your smart home from any potential break-ins you can now use the Alexa Guard feature to block the entryways. With the power of machine learning, Alexa Guard smartly detects if there’s any activity on outdoors and notifies you. You can also enable the Schedule lights so that it gives an impression of someone being home even if you’re out at a vacation or someplace far.

Alexa Guard

To get Alexa Guard on duty while you’re planning to leave your home simply say “Alexa, I’m leaving”. So, now if anyone tries to break into your house in your absence all your Alexa powered devices will start bleeping with unusual sounds. Also, you can also set lights on toggle-mode so that it can stimulate the burglars to prevent any unauthorized access.

Routines for Kids

Routines for Kids

Alexa now supports a whole new series of routines to empower more human-like experience. For those of you who’re not aware, Routines and commands have a thing line difference. Commands are activated promptly whereas Routines are basically delayed actions which are activated when a certain action is triggered. One of the newly added routine on Alexa can give your kids a soothing night-night sleep. All you have to say is “Alexa, Good Night” and then you will start hearing sleep sounds on all Alexa powered devices and the lights will get dimmer.

Multiple Requests

Alexa is now capable of processing multistep requests in just a single command. For instance, you can say things like “Alexa, add cheese, milk, and bread to my grocery list” or “Alexa, play at volume seven”.

Local Voice Control

As soon as the Internet connection goes out, all your Smart home appliances become of no use. Well, not anymore! The upcoming Alexa powered devices including Echo and Echo show will now support local voice control. With this feature, you will still be able to control all your Alexa devices as long as they’re connected to the same local Wi-Fi network.

Video Doorbell

No need to buy an additional security camera or doorbell for your home. The upcoming Echo show devices will now come with a video doorbell feature that allows you to answer and attend anyone at your doorstep. All you have to say is “Alexa, answer the front door”. This will enable a two-way video call so that you can interact with anyone you pay a visit to your home.

Stay updated About Musical World

Stay updated About Musical World

Yes, that’s right! Alexa will now notify you if any upcoming music album from your favorite artists is added in the library. You will be pre-notified with all info of music album, track details, release date and more.

Whisper Mode

Whisper Mode

This is something new and highly innovative! We’ve seen various kinds of night mode on devices, right? But Whisper mode on Alexa works in a totally different manner. Suppose, if you’re off to bed and need to direct a command to Alexa in a soft voice so that nobody wakes up. In response, Alexa will also whisper the command in a lower volume so that no body’s sleep is hampered.

So folks, here were a bunch of new Alexa commands that you should totally try on Alexa to enhance your smart home experience. And if you’re quite eager already, you can preorder the new Alexa powered device and try these things before any of your friends does.

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