How To Resize All of Your Birthday Images?

What is the most important thing you wish to see after your Birthday or any other party? The party pics, of course! Most of us spent the following day after an event collecting images from family and friends. And all these images are of different sizes, formats, aspect ratios, etc., depending on the device settings they have been clicked from.

How To Resize Birthday Images

This blog focuses on resizing all the images to one particular size so that it looks all the same when viewed as a slideshow on a large screen.

You will have to use third-party software known as Tweaking Technology’s Image Resizer to resize, change the orientation, flip, rotate, rename and alter the format of all your images.

How To Resize All of Your Birthday Images?

Step 1: Click on the icon below to download/install the Image Resizer application.

Step 2: Run the application, then from app interface that pops up in the bottom left corner of the app interface, choose Add Photos.

Step 3: Select the Add Photos button to see the File Explorer. Find the image you wish to rotate by navigating through it.

Step 4: Select the Open button in the bottom corner of the screen after selecting the image.

Step 5: Click the Next button once you are done uploading the image to the app screen.

Image Resizer

Step 6: You can change the image once it has been rotated and resized.

Step 7: On the left of the app window, click the Resize button. After ticking the box and providing the custom and percentage values, choose the Predefined Size radio option.


Step 8: Select the Flip option and the degree of rotation to modify the picture alignment. On a Windows PC, you can utilize this section to mirror your photo.


Step 9: Select the Output folder with the name from the window’s right side. Then, press the Process button located in the bottom corner of the software.

Output Settings - Image Resizer

Step 10: Wait till the procedure is finished; it is easy and quick.

Image Resizer: An Amazing Software For Resizing

Image resizer

For making extensive cropping, rotating, flipping, renaming, and formatting changes to photos, Image Resizer is wonderful software. To resize images without sacrificing visual quality, add a complete folder or just a few particular images. The following are some benefits of utilizing this software that you might experience:

Many different photos can be resized

Users of the Image Resizer software can resize a group of images or a folder with just one set of instructions.

The image can be resized to fit a requirement

By selecting a custom Width & Height in terms of size or percentage, users of Image Resizer can resize their photos in several different ways.

Image flipping and rotation is also possible

This app allows users to flip or rotate pictures to organize them neatly. You have two options when flipping an image: horizontally or vertically. The user can rotate images by 90, 180, or 270 degrees by turning the option.

After modification, rename the images

The Image Resizer tool, renaming photos, is made simple by selecting the target folder and adding a Suffix or Prefix. You can then rename and organize your vacation photos after this.

Look closely at each operation log

The Image Resizer application keeps track of each activity, which may be reviewed later to show how a photo was altered.

The Final Word On How To Resize All Of Your Birthday Images?

I hope this blog helps the readers to resize and set all images to one particular size and format. This makes organizing and viewing them on a photo viewer app easy. Tweaking Technology’s Image Resizer app is the best app that helps users modify their images in several ways and maintain similarity.

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