7 Hidden Android Pie Features You Probably Didn’t Know

With every new version of Android, there comes a flurry of hidden features. Google usually hides those functionalities to prevent unneeded tinkering by users and leave them in a place to discover those secret Android features on their own.

Like any other software update, the latest Android version ‘Pie’ comes with several enhancements and its own share of bugs. Nevertheless, it also overhauls the existing Oreo features and introduced a lot of new things we have been expecting from so many years.

The handful of features such as Digital Wellbeing, Gesture Navigation, App Timer, Smart Notification Channels etc. are some helpful additions, however, there’s much more to Android Pie than that.

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android pie feature

7 Hidden Android Pie Features

So, before you grab the pie here’s the list of secret Android features that probably many missed out on the latest Android version:

  1. Emergency Lockdown Feature

The all new Android version ‘Pie’ is all focused-on User-Experience. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you want to hand over your device to someone, without showing any notification on lock screen this feature would help!  It simply deactivates fingerprint sensor or facial recognition and hides sensitive content from displaying on the lock screen. Just go a few layers deep to find the option.

Go to the Settings Menu> Click Security & Location > Under Device Security tab find Lock Screen Preferences option, now toggle on “Show Lockdown Option”.

Now you have made the feature visible. To use it: Hold the power button, until you get Power off or Restart prompt. A new Lockdown Button will also be added, tap on it and the phone will automatically lock itself and will also stop showing notifications or message on the lock screen.

Feature Flags

  1. Feature Flags

Feature Flags is quite an interesting and handy functionality for those who did not like the new UI, introduced with Android Pie. Using the feature, one can easily tweak the user-interface so that it can look like similar to Oreo version. You can alter settings design choices, battery section, time zones etc.

Though the feature doesn’t come enabled by default, so if you want to activate it. Go to the Settings Menu > Choose About Phone menu > Find Build Number > Continually tap it several times, until you get the message “You are now a developer!” > Open Developers options and locate the Feature Flags option, now have fun checking out what happens!

Emergency Lockdown Feature
Image Source: 9to5Google
  1. System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner is a feature that has been around since Marshmallow (Android 6) was launched. Using the feature, you can easily modify your status bar without even rooting your device. But unlocking the feature is a little difficult, so read the steps carefully!

Right now, Android Pie doesn’t support a variety of app launchers, so you have to download Nova Launcher & create a widget to unhide System UI Tuner.

Step 1- Install Nova Launcher. Long press on the home screen > Select Widgets > Under Nova Launcher tab > Choose Activities option > Scroll down and locate “System UI” > quickly choose System UI Demo Mode, it’s present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2- Widget has been created, tap on it to launch more options such as “Status Bar” & “Do Not Disturb” modes.

Step 3- Now simply toggle off the options you no longer need or how you want it to be displayed. You can also activate or deactivate DND Mode from here.

System UI Tuner step-3

System UI Tuner step step-3-1
Source: android.gadgethacks.com

Explore more and find other great tools that come with System UI Tuner to customize your Android Experience.

  1. Flappy Bird Game

No doubt, Android has always amazed its users with surprises. Moreover, Android Pie is a complete package. The latest version brings the popular Flappy Bird game, which is named as “Flappy Droid” in Pie. It was initially introduced with version 5.0 (Lollipop). At the beginning, it used to be an average game, but it has been constantly updated with different environments. So, if you want to unlock the game, follow the steps:

Step 1- Again you have to download Nova Launcher & create a widget to unhid the game.

Install Nova Launcher. Long press on the home screen > Select Widgets > Under Nova Launcher tab > Choose Activities option > Scroll down and locate “System UI”.

Step 2- Tap “System UI” and choose “Marshmallow Land”.

Step 3- Once selected, the widget will automatically be changed to ‘P’ icon.

Just click it and start playing the game!

Flappy Bird Game

  1. Screen Pinning and Split Screen At One Place

In case you’re unable to find the Split Screen feature on your Android Pie, that’s probably because Google has shifted the functionality to “Recent apps” screen.

When you open the Recent apps, you can notice app icons as well. Refer the screenshot below!

Once you tap on the icon, it will open up a pop-up window, reveal split screen, screen pinning and app info.

Screen Pinning and Split Screen At One Place
Image Source: CNET
  1. Quick Launch the Battery Information

Instantly launch the battery menu right from your home screen. How? Simply tap on the Battery icon at the top-right corner of screen. It will easily redirect you to the Battery Menu where you can see how much battery is left on your phone. Cool, right?

Quick Launch the Battery InformationInstantly launch the battery menu

  1. App Timer

Android 9- Pie brings a special functionality called “App Timer” that helps social addicts to set time for device usage. When enabled, the App timer automatically limits the usage of apps and simply grays out the icons from the home screen.

Go find this secret Android feature in Dashboard Settings.

app timer android pie
Source: CNBC

Ending Note:

The latest Android version ‘Pie’ is overflowing with cool features. Though it has already been rolled out to Pixel Phones. And non-google phone users can expect the update by end of this year. But don’t bring down your excitement level down, as you can still taste all the Android P features on your current smartphone. Wondering How?  Here’s how to get “Android Pie” look on your phone!

Also, tell us which feature did you find the most interesting? Share your thoughts about the all-new Android Pie, in the comment section below.

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