Facebook Dating App is Here – Will Love Find its Way?

Facebook has been in our lives for quite a long time and is surely one must-have social media application to have around. It does not just allow us to connect with our friends and followers, Facebook allows us to do a lot more than that! We can check in to our favorite places, upload pictures and videos, share what’s going on in our mind, and scroll the Facebook news feed for infinite hours to see what our friends are up to.

Well, here comes one good news for all Facebook fans! Facebook will now play the role of cupid to add sparks to your dating life. Yes, you heard that right. Facebook Dating App is finally here and it can help you to find the love of your life within a few clicks. So, before we explore Facebook Dating app features let’s quickly get an overview of what this app is all about.

Let this journey of love begin…

What is Facebook Dating App All About?

What is Facebook Dating App All About
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Facebook is a gigantic platform that allows us to connect with our loved ones, no matter where they are! And now, using Facebook just got better as it will help us find an ideal love match based on our interests, likes, music preferences, places you love to visit and other things that are common between you two. Well, who thought of that, right? Facebook contains almost our entire history and finally, this information can be used for some good. So, if you’ve been desperately waiting for the love of your life, maybe now is the time to download the Facebook Dating app.

And you know what’s great? Your Instagram followers can also add to your secret crush list if your Facebook friend list is not enough. The more the merrier, eh?

Finding love has never been this easy, right? (Thank you Facebook)

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How Does Facebook Dating App Work?

How Does it Work
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When it comes to dating, we always feel hesitant in the beginning and especially when that person is an absolute stranger. So, dating is one thing that certainly needs to be safe! You will be glad to know that the Facebook Dating app is built in a way that keeps your privacy and security intact. The app supports features that allow you to prohibit people from sending pictures, or you can also block or report them.

Wondering how does the Facebook Dating App work? Well, first you need to create a dating profile for yourself, which is obviously not the same as your primary Facebook account you’re currently using. Once you’ve created your dating profile, Facebook will offer you a few suggestions which include the people who have recently started using this app and also the ones that are your potential match based on your interests, taste, and preferences.

The functioning of the app is pretty much similar to other dating apps. To show interest in someone, you simply need to press the like button or you can also send a comment directly to show that you’re interested in them. Facebook will show you a bunch of options, you can either hit the like button or pass, whatever feels right to you.

Friends and Friends of Friends…

Friends and Friends of Friends
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Facebook does a pretty fair job of being the cupid of your life. And we’re sure by now you must be definitely wondering from does Facebook fetches these suggestions. Well, to be honest, it’s no rocket science. The app’s algorithm is pretty straightforward, plain and simple. These people which you see in your suggestion list are most probably your friends or friends of friends, the ones which you’ve got a lot in common.

P.S You can be sure about one thing. Whatever you do on the Facebook Dating app will not be shared on your Facebook account, so you can take a big sigh of relief now.

When Can You Use this App?

As of now, the Facebook Dating app is only available in the United States and other countries like Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and more. By 2020, the Facebook Dating app will expand its horizon of reachability and will be covering other Asian continents including Europe and India as well.

The Future Looks Good!

Facebook has announced that they will soon be adding new features to the app in the upcoming update that will allow you to directly share your Facebook and Instagram stories to your dating profile. Facebook does care about our relationships and now it will help us in adding a spark to our dating lives as well. What more do we want, right?

So folks, how excited are you about the launch of the Facebook dating app? Did you love Facebook Dating app features? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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