10 Best FTP Client for Windows 10

With FTP i.e. File Transfer Protocol, you can exchange data over a defined network namely IP/TCP protocol. FTP demands two PCs as client and server for transferring data. FTP server manages incoming network connection requests from other computers and FTP client software establishes connection between computer and client. In short, FTP client software in a computer handles uploading and downloading of files on a defined server.

Every computer virtually supports FTP transfer after they are connected to the IP/TCP based network. After the connection is set up between computers, you can adjust or modify the files as per the requirement. There are various FTP client and server software currently available in the market. In this blog, we are covering the best FTP client for Windows 10. But do you know, how to use an FTP client?

How to use an FTP client?

To use FTP client, you must collect FTP login details of server, username, password, and remote directory to access the program. You must have received this information on your email during registration of your hosting account.

Best Windows 10 FTP clients Of 2019

Now, if you want to share your files with friends and family, take a backup of your data on web server or transfer a folder to the client, you can use FTP client. In this blog, we are covering 10 best free FTP Client for Windows 10.

1. SmartFTP


Designed especially for Windows, SmartFTP is one of the best FTP software equipped with high-quality features. This FTP client is smart and multi-functional as it is an FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, SSH, OneDrive, SSH, WebDAV, Backblaze B2, Terminal Client.

SmartFTP is a fast and consistent source for transferring and sharing files between server and local computer. Also, the software is competent and secure for website development, for uploading and downloading files and securing private files on the server. Also, it works well with Windows 10 and successfully used for synchronizing remote and local files for backup.

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2. Total Commander

Next in line is Total Commander, which is oozing with tons of features like side by side supports two file windows along with various languages and Unicode, and augmented search function. Also, the software allows you to compare files and meanwhile manage directories. You can also quickly View panel with the help of bitmap display, use multi-rename tool and parallel port link.

Total Commander

The software has in-built FTP client with HTTP and FXP proxy support. Also, it has custom columns, friendly interface, and thumbnail view. With Total Commander, you can compare editor, isolate trees, and logging, and manage password for plugins and FTP. You can purchase the software by clicking on the link below.

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3. WS_FTP Professional

The popularity of WS_FTP Professional can be attributed to its amazing features and security. This FTP client is the securest and simplest means to transfer sensitive data as the software has the best encryption levels and world-class security features. Moreover, it is easy to use and diminishes administrative responsibilities. Also, you can compress files into .zip format automatically.

WS_FTP Professional

Its OpenPGP file encryption and authenticated cryptography along with strong file search options makes this software one of the best FTP client 2018. Other features include transfer via drag and drop, greater speed and programmed transfers. The backup feature of this software allows you to save all your significant data.

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4. CuteFTP

If you are looking for an influential FTP client but in the premium class, then you can switch to CuteFTP software. Its power-packed performance can be attributed to its powerful features and secure and reliable base. Also, it offers premium backing to FTP clients making it the best FTP client. The software is available for both Mac and Windows.


You can transfer your important files with ease via CuteFTP as it uses SSL and SFTP protocol for file transfer. Similarly, you can send multiple folders or divide the files while transferring. This is the best free FTP client software, reliable and feature-rich and hence, highly recommended.

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5. WinSCP

What is better than an award-winning FTP client software? In most probability, an open source and free source for file transfer. Well, WinSCP is everything you need as it is available for free of cost, is open source and has won award for its excellent performance. It is more than a secure FTP Client r as it is an open source FTPS, SCP and SFTP server.


With WinSCP, you can script and manage basic files and folders. Also, it is dependable, quick, and lightweight and it allows remote text editing. Some of its advanced features includes graphical user interface, Windows integration, language translation, command line interface, integrated text editor, batch file scripting and explorer and Commander Interfaces.

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6. Cyberduck

The USP of this FTP client is user-friendly interface that makes this software easy to use. It is popular among beginners as the software is simple and delivers high-quality features. The most significant of all is bookmarking and SSH functionality that makes this FTP client the best choice for first-timers. It is available for free but offers every advanced feature that you search in a secure FTP software.


It supports FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, SFTP, and OpenStack Swift. Once you download this free FTP Client, you are eligible for getting aid for using Rackspace Cloud Files and Google Cloud Storage. Its amazing graphical interface makes it user-friendly and allow users to browse files easily.

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7. FileZilla

Available for Windows, Linux and mac, FileZilla is one of the most admired FTP Client. The software is available for free and is highly reliable and quick. Also, it is an open source FTP, FTPS and SFTP clients and offers graphical interface making it easy and user-friendly. It gives all-inclusive documentation and hence delivers quick solutions to your problems.


Some of its advanced features are tabbed user interface, supports IPv6, can transfer huge files and folders, allow bookmarks, has drag and drop choice along with filename filters, remote file editing, network configuration wizard and synchronized directory browsing.

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8. CrossFTP

Unlike other FTP Client software, CrossFTP has various features that defines its unique identity. For instance, it allows password encryption, quick searches, web searches and has sound and event notifier. Also, it allows you to bookmark your favorites, batch transfer, internalization, zoom preview, tabbing interface and ability to compress, browse and extract archives.


It is a free FTP client software with user-friendly interface and offers various noteworthy features. Thanks to all its features, the software let file transfer easy and fast. And you can also pre-program schedules for uploading files.

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9. Classic FTP

Again, this software is free and open source and is highly dependable, safe, and easy to use. It is available for both Mac and Windows. It ensures file security via FTP SSL connection and is go well together with all key FTP servers. Its drag and drop option makes file transfer easy and convenient.

Classic FTP

It is cross-platform and is equipped several notable features that you can admire after downloading it for free. It is one of the most underrated FTP Client software in the market but has every significant feature required for proper functionality.

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10. FireFTP

A Firefox plugin used as FTP software to the web browser of Mozilla, FireFTP is a free and cross-platform software. However, this application is not isolated in nature and demands some support to work. But then it offers the best tools that are difficult to find in other applications. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and delivers high-quality performance after installation.


Some of the noteworthy features that cannot be ignored in this power-packed FTP software includes file compression, drag and drop options, proxy support, IPv6 support, timestamp synchronization, and File Hashing. Also, it supports different protocols and has user-friendly interface. This free FTP software is available in more than 20 languages.

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Whether you are working professionally or pursuing a course, you have deal with large files to deal with. It is important that we keep them safe and secure and transfer files with the utmost reliability. A decent FTP client allows you to administer, save and send files with extreme caution. You can upload and download huge data online with the help of FTP clients.

So, this was all about the best FTP client for Windows 10 that are currently dominating the market. Make sure to download them and share your experience in the comment section below.


  • comment_avtar
    John G
    Good list with many of the usual players. However, Webdrive is also a great client and should be included. It’s updated/enhanced much more regularly than some of the products listed here.

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Srishti Sisodia
      Hi John, Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will review and add Webdrive to the list.

      5 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    One of the best FTP client for Windows 10 is “FTP Manager Pro”. I am using this app on my PC to move my photos and videos to an FTP server daily. I find it very useful. SFTP and FTPS protocol support makes this app secure. There are many other features such as transfer modes, auto reconnect and more. I really like this app.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/ftp-manager-pro/9n9sr72c98cm?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Srishti Sisodia
      Hi, Thank you for your comment and suggestion. If you want to get tech updates, please subscribe to our newsletter.

      5 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mark Ram
    A good and informative list. I suggest also CompleteFTP by Enterprisedt.com – I would be interested to see your opinion on them.

    4 years ago

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