11 Best Audiobook Player for Windows PC

You may be too sleepy to read a book on your computer or e-reader and simply want to rest your eyes for a while. You don’t want to give up your books, on the other hand. Is there a way out? There is, of course, and it is listening to audiobooks. There are numerous audiobook applications available that allow you to listen to audiobooks in a variety of formats. You may have a terrific time while listening to audiobooks on your Windows PC, and you can do other things in the meantime. These programs let you play AIF, MP3, WAV, and WMA files, as well as search for them using filters like artist, title, and file name. Here are a few benefits of using an audiobook player for Windows PC:

  • Create playlists, search lyrics, announce tracks, add bookmarks, update tags, and more with the audio player features.
  • You’ll have a terrific time using audiobook players, and you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate through your files.
  • You’ll be able to jump around in the audiobook using a variety of simple playback options.
  • The audiobook software can also remember where you left off when you last played your file, and it will resume the task from there.
  • This will make listening to audiobooks easier for you and will save you time when compared to other music player software.

Best Audiobook Players for Windows PC

1. Boom 3D

Boom 3D
Image: Boom 3D

Boom 3D is an award-winning audio enhancement software that uses your sound system card to tune itself. Using the special feature – Boom Volume Booster – you may safely enhance the volume of each application that is running up to its standard limits. Boom 3D has an Audio Player function that makes listening to audiobooks a breeze. You may listen to all of your local audiobooks with unrivaled Boom effects, organize your collections, and make playlists of your favorites. You can have a high-performance experience when listening to your favorite audiobook from any headphones, device, or streaming service thanks to its 3D effects.

With its special audio effects feature, you can control the voice of the audiobook’s reader according to your preferences.

Here are some of the best Boom 3D features that users can avail:

  • Boost The Volume
  • Control the Audio Settings
  • Quick controls
  • Special audio effects

With Boom 3D, you can take your audiobook experience to the next level! Now is the time to try it out and enjoy your favorite material in high definition!

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2. Music Bee

Music Bee
Image: Music Bee

This is a simple music player that may also be used to listen to audiobooks. It can play AIF, MP3, WAV, and WMA audio files. Filters such as artist, title, and filename can be used to find the files. The program also has an AudioBook Player button that allows you to play audiobook files, add them to your library, make playlists, and do other operations. The application also has a small player that displays the track information. You can also utilize the controls to play, stop, pause, examine the equalizer, repeat, forward, and rewind the music. You’ll also have access to sound controls and shuffle options. Some features are:

  • App lock options.
  • Disable Web Access
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Make custom playlists.

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3. Free Audio-Reader

Free Audio-Reader
Image Softpedia

Free Audio Reader (FAR) is a simple audiobook reader program with several functions such as bookmarking, editing tags, creating playlists, viewing cover art, and so on. You can also use the software to play slideshows and convert text to voice. You’ll be able to continue playback from the same spot where you left off, and the files will have stopped playing. MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, FSB, FBM, and TXT files can all be played by the software. The following are some of the playback choices available: play, top, index, text file, and more.

You can store the playlists created using this software, and you can also utilize the tools to repeat, shuffle, and edit the playlist. You must click the Open button to add an audiobook to the playlist. The files must then be selected and added to the playlist. To play the first file, click the Play button, or double-click any other file you want to play. This free audiobook player includes a TextRead capability for reading TXT files. The following actions have more options: open, play, skip ahead, skip back, stop, and change playback volume. Additionally, the software allows you to copy, paste, and change the font of the displayed text. You can play and pause the reading by pressing the play and pause buttons. FBM format can be used to save bookmarks. Some of the main features include:

  • Watch slideshows
  • Convert text to speech
  • The font of the displayed text can be changed.
  • Playback will continue from the same point

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4. AudioBook

Image: CodeProject.com

This is a simple open-source audiobook player software with a simple interface. The best feature of the program is that it remembers the current status of the file being played and may continue playback from the same spot at any time. You can use it to add MP3 audiobooks to your audiobook library by selecting the option to add audiobooks from folders or individual files.

The application displays the audio book’s cover for easy identification. You can also make playlists and organize all types of audiobooks in them. The player is simple, having play control, exit, settings, and a slider as options. It will display the file name or path. Here are some features of AudioBook:

  • Easy to Use and Intuitive interface.
  • Create Playlists and arrange Audiobooks
  • The simple player with the slider option.

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5. My Audiobook Reader

My Audiobook Reader
Image: Download.Cnet

My Audiobook Reader is a basic audiobook reader that may be used to listen to MP3 audiobooks. You can store the MP3 audiobooks into a playlist. The track, title, year, album, genre, and length information will all be displayed in the playlist. You can bookmark several files to keep track of where they are playing by utilizing the bookmark option. The jog button allows you to travel back and forth in the audiobook. To help you play and organize audiobooks, the program also features play, pause, stop, load list, save list, add files, clear list, and total time choices.

This audiobook program tells you how to use a progress tracker to keep track of your audiobook progress. It also shows the volume control, which you may use to adjust the volume, and the playlist progress, which tells how far along a playlist is. More settings are available in the software, including the ability to modify pitch, speech speed, move 10/60 seconds back, start at the beginning, move 10/60 seconds forward, and go to the conclusion. You have the option of both saving and loading your playlist. Some features include

  • Display multiple information like track, title, year, album, genre, etc.
  • Keep track of your audiobook’s progress with a progress tracker.
  • Change the pitch and pace of the narration.

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6. WorkAudioBooks

Image : WorkAudioBook

WorkAudiobooks is a simple audiobook reader that works with audiobooks in MP3 format. It comes with many features that make it one of the top audiobook players for Windows.

The program will play the files one by one, and if subtitles are available, it will display them. The subtitle can be written in HTML, TXT, or SRT. Some words can be designated as difficult, and when they appear in the text, they will be repeated once more.

The audiobook can be broken down into phrases, and you’ll be able to choose your preferred phrase length. You will be able to browse between terms and check for their definitions in the dictionary while you are playing the book. You also can bookmark a file, play bookmarked files, delete bookmarked files, and so on. To do so, simply select the * button from the available options. This audiobook reader software has features like adding notes for folders and files, creating word lists for studying, and practicing writing. The tool can also be used to alter subtitles. Some of the features:

  • Display Subtitles if Available.
  • Check for definitions
  • Play bookmarked files

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7. Trout

Image: Softonic

This is a small piece of software with a straightforward interface that allows you to play files, add files and folders to your list, clear your list, load and store your playlist, and add URLs. The software can be used to delete duplicate files, delete entries that are no longer active, open file locations, and update tags. The availability of track announcements is a feature that makes this program excellent for audiobooks. LyricWiki.org is also a good place to look for lyrics. Last.FM and Libre.FM is supported by the software. The program also has several play options that allow you to listen to playlists, files, repeat lists, play random files from the playlist, and shuffle files in the playlist.

You may play, pause, stop, go to the previous file, go to the next file, play the first file, and even play the last file using the play controls. The program can display information about the files you’ve added, such as the file name, year, genre, title, type, path, time, size, bit rate, and composer. Under the Edit menu, you can edit file tag information such as the track, title, artist, album, year, title, genre, and so on. ID3v1, ID3v2.2/3/4, OGG/FLAC Vorbis comments, WMA, APEv2, MP4/ALAC/AAC are among the formats supported by the software. Here are some of the best features:

  • Support Websites include LyricWiki.org
  • Playlists, files, repeat lists, etc.
  • Display information about the files added.

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8. 1by1

Image: mpesch3

This is a tiny and free audio player that allows you to listen to your music and audiobooks without the need for playlists or databases. When you first start the player, it will show you your PC drives on the left side, and all you have to do now is find your music and audiobook dictionary. It will play your folders immediately, and one of its most useful features is that it remembers the last track and position, making it much easier to listen to your audiobooks without losing time.

It will play your folders immediately, and one of its most useful features is that it remembers the last track and position, making it much easier to listen to your audiobooks without losing time.

While playing files, you have the option of copying, moving, and renaming them. You may adjust the track position and loudness using the program. The application also has a track repeat option. The elapsed and total time options in the title bar will show you how much time you have left to complete a file. MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, CD, and MP4 are among the formats supported by the application. Here are some of the best features:

  • The last track and position are always bookmarked.
  • Track repeat option
  • Supports many formats.

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9. MP3 Book Helper

MP3 Book Helper
Image: Sourceforge

MP3 Book Helper is a free audiobook player that allows you to organize and play your audiobooks. Apart from being able to play and organize audiobooks, the software also allows you to alter file tags, swap tag fields, export tags, and import tags. The artist and album information can be found on the web using the FreeDB database. You’ll have to select from a variety of options, including play, stop, pause, next rewind, previous rewind, and leap to 10, 20, 30, and 60 seconds before the current time.

This software can be used to build playlists, PAR/SFV files, SFV/SV files, SVF files only, and MD5 files only. To add, open, clear, save tags as txt files, load tags from txt files, show photographs, and show lyrics, utilize the toolbar option. Your tags can also be exported as CSV files in standard or bespoke formats. Tags can be imported from CSV files. To read a CSV file, simply pick it and click on the Read File button. You may also utilize the Produce option to make an M3U playlist and generate MD5 files, among other things. Duplicate only, no duplicate, loaded only, load missing, missing only, corrupted only, and more options are also available for audiobooks file filters. The task tab will display completed tasks, while the log tab will display event details. Here are some of the best features:

  • Build Playlists.
  • Export Tags as CSV files.
  • Generate MD5 files

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10. iTunes

Image: Microsoft

This is one of the most widely used media players, and it may also be used to listen to audiobooks. It includes several tools for listening to audiobooks. You may also add your audiobooks to the library and listen to them whenever you want. You may sync your audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. You may also select to automatically search for media files and play them at any time. These files can be added to a playlist, and ID3 tags can be converted and AAC versions of audiobooks created. You can also use filters to sort audiobooks, such as name, genre, title, year, and so on. The option to repeat is also accessible. Here are some of the best features:

  • Complete tool for all your media files.
  • Create AAC versions of audiobooks
  • Many filers to ease settings.

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11. Angel’s Vox

Angel’s Vox
Image: Angels_Vox

This is the first audiobook player on the market for Windows, and it will save you time, help you learn new languages, and provide you with a variety of unique features for listening to your audiobooks. It has a very basic interface and supports MP3, OGG, MPEG-4, and Wav audio file types. The program contains a sleep timer and can speed up playing to save time. It also stores a volume level and playback speed. You may schedule Windows to shut down, reboot, or log off at a specific time. At the end of the specified period, the gadget also allows you to gradually drop the volume level. You’ll also be able to export or import playlists into a third-party application. Here are some of the best features:

  • Simple Interface.
  • Learn New Languages
  • Adjust Playback Speed

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The Final Word On Best Audiobook Player for Windows PC

Audiobook Players are a great help for book enthusiasts and cannot be replaced by normal multimedia players. The ability to segregate an audiobook by chapters, include subtitles, create specific playlists lies within these audiobook players only. If you have to make a quick choice, then I would suggest using Boom 3D or else you try each one of them and then make the final decision. Follow us on social media – Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube.


  • comment_avtar
    I can’t say I’m impressed with Boom 3d for audiobooks, it does not appear to allow to segregate an audiobook by chapters or even group them together.

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Hello Sean, We appreciate your opinion and think that all the aforementioned Audiobook Players for Windows comes with their own set of valuable features and benefits. So, it is a bit difficult to choose the best among the glut. That’s we’ve categorized all the options that can help one or other other kind of users in different situations! Besides Boom 3D, we hope you found your personal recommendation for the category. If yes, do share your experience with us!

      2 years ago

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