Anti-tracking Browsers To Protect Your Privacy

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As Brave launches a public beta version with anti-tracking features, we are digging deep into the privacy policies of web browsers. As more users are getting concerned about their privacy online, all the developers are working to cater to it. We take a look at the popular web browsers and find out the best privacy policies.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and such trackers can give away a lot of information on users without their knowledge. So to curb this, many web browsers have come forward and showed the users that they can trust them. With the Anti-tracking features being developed in the latest iOS upgrade, Android is also incorporating it, even web browsers are working on the same.There have been a lot of reports on how websites and web browsers are keeping the user data stored on their servers. Time and again, almost every popular web browser has been targeted and exposed for the same. Web browsers play an important role in using the internet, therefore, lots of users are worried about their data. There has been a lot of development in the area of online tracking which runs deep into the user’s device. This has become even more threatening than ever with their infiltration into our lives.

How Do They Track Us?

Understanding browser tracking is important before we move ahead. So, online tracking is said to be a breach of our internet safety as a user. Whenever you surf the internet on a web browser, it will keep a log of the searches. This is in some cases useful to the users to revisit the websites and keep a track of them. But the negative side of this is the web browsers also keep a track of everything.

While this data is largely used for making your user experience personalized. It seems great as it makes our internet surfing much easier but it also poses a serious threat. Notably, the user data is shared with other companies, which in turn, makes it into showing relevant advertisements to market their product or services. The browser activity which is selling the data to third-party domains can follow through your user accounts and hence much sensitive information is exposed.

Anti-tracking Browsers To Protect Your Privacy

With all that information, the market leaders create a profile for you all your information. So, with the web browsers each website you visit, searches you make, the information you enter is collated to create your profile.

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What Is The Threat?

This can be harmful in many ways as the user data is being supplied to so many marketing companies. In case of a cyber-attack as seen in the past the information can be exposed to the public. Moreover, cybercriminals can use it for identity theft, fraud, and more. The user data on the internet is enough to destroy one’s life in the era of the digital world.

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What Is The Safest Option?

Here, the web browsers such as Google who have been accused of collecting user data have made users look for another option. So what is the Google Chrome alternative for internet users? Let’s take a look at some of the famous web browsers that adhere to the no-log policy.


The first name comes up as DuckDuckGo which has always been emphasizing on the user’s privacy. The web browser does not save the searches on its server, nor does it use personal information to show personalized results. This has been widely liked by internet users and trusted by many for safe web browsing. DuckDuckGo is a secure search engine that can provide you with much-needed privacy protection.

Another name is the Brave browser which has recently worked more on securing user’s privacy. There have been developments that are primarily focused on search engine privacy. As they begin to test this feature with a small number of users on the website and the applications. To make it a more successful project, they have added anti-tracking features to it. They also announced that it will not be collecting the personal information of the users such as IP address and user log to provide for personalized content.

Brave Software

Private Browser Care by Systweak is another option that can help you make internet surfing safer on your Android. It helps to block trackers and data-grabbing ads on your Android device. It makes sure that user data such as browsing history, cookies & cache, or any other information filled online is not saved. Moreover, it provides you an inbuilt ad blocker for ad-free browsing. This is a great option as it is a lightweight application with fast browsing speed and different modes for users to surf the internet. Get it now from the download link given below-

Download Private Browser Care

What Other Steps Can We Take To Keep Our Private Information Secure?

Other than using secure web browsers which follow the no-log user policy, we can check some of the parameters. Like not saving out passwords and usernames on the browsers. Using a tool that will keep your data safe on your computer is recommended. One such great tool is Advanced Identity Protector which will make sure your information such as credit card details, social security numbers are safe from the online trackers. It will easily scan through the web browsers and the system to collect all the sensitive private information and move it to a Secure Vault.

Advanced Identity Protector

Thus, it can only be accessed by a master password and you no more need to save the account details on web browsers. Advanced Identity Protector is available for Windows and can be a great help in stopping unwanted ads which are generated after looking into your information.

Another important way to secure yourself while browsing is to use a VPN service. A VPN will redirect you to different servers and the online trackers will not be able to get direct information on your location.

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Wrapping up-

Most people do not take any steps to protect their privacy online and online trackers have been collecting data on them. But we can change it by switching from the most popular search engines to safe non-tracking browsers. The next thing up in the tech world is to focus on the good of users. In this interest, we might see more such developments with other big names. However, using anti-tracking browsers and other safety measures will make your internet surfing safe and secure.

We hope this article will help you stay vigilant while using web browsers. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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