8 Much-Needed Features We All Wish to See on WhatsApp

Love it or hate it, but WhatsApp is undoubtedly a pinnacle in text messaging apps! Text messaging literally evolved with WhatsApp as we could do so much more than just sending boring plain texts. From sharing pictures, current location, contacts, audio files there’s so much we can do on WhatsApp. With each new update, the app kept on getting better and better with time. No wonder why it’s the favorite of millions of users worldwide.


This Facebook owned messaging app has definitely managed to steal heart of millions of users. But as there are a plethora of other messaging apps available out there, we still wish to see these 8 much needed WhatsApp features so that we can gladly ditch all other apps and just stick to this one!

Here’s a string of features we all wish to see on WhatsApp as soon as possible (Fingers crossed).

Chat Passwords

Chat Passwords

When it comes to texting, privacy is everything! We all hope to see an Incognito mode on WhatsApp so that we can just preserve our personal conversations from prying eyes. Or maybe self-destruct messages so that our heart doesn’t sink a breath each time we hand over our phone to someone. In addition to this, we really need to see an option that could lock certain conversations with passcode or something. It would be really helpful, WhatsApp!

Something to Prevent Forward Messages

Yes, that’s an honest request. Some of us are really fed up of those bombardment of annoying forward messages we receive on group conversations from Good morning to Good night. For those, who don’t wish to see such messages on their phone, they should have some option to stop it somehow. There should be a feature which can only allow private one-on-one conversations, no other messages so that we can talk to our loved ones on a DND mode.

Online to Some, Invisible to Others

Online to Some Invisible to Others

Well yes, we can feel you! There’s always that one creepy stalker on your WhatsApp, who texts you instantly the moment they see you online. Isn’t it? We really wish to see an option where we can customize our active status for each contact. So, in this way we’re not even blocking anyone and our privacy can also stay intact.

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode

Nobody wants to be disturbed while on a vacation, right? Well, rumors have claimed that we’ll soon be seeing a new vacation mode feature on WhatsApp so that whenever you receive a new text or any of group notifications, it’ll be straight away archived. No more texting on vacations so that you can have a time of your life without being disturbed at all.

A Virtual Assistant or Bot

WhatsApp should really consider to up its game by introducing a cool chat bot or something. A handy virtual assistant who could easily listen to all our queries, send quick responses on our behalf, give new chat suggestions and more. With a smart virtual companion like this, our texting experience could surely go on to next level, what do you think folks?


As there are a lot invites we get on WhatsApp, the app should definitely introduce a feature which can allow us to automatically add an event on to our calendar. Be it a high school reunion, get together at a friend’s place, birthday party or anything, we hope we could directly save the dates of such events and easily keep a track of all upcoming events on our calendar.

AR Stickers or Avatars

AR Stickers or Avatars

Nobody likes a dull conversation, right? So, wouldn’t it be great if WhatsApp introduces new chat avatars and a bunch of exciting AR stickers to spice up our conversations. One can really express themselves well via emojis and AR stickers. Hope to see such new emoji experiments on WhatsApp very soon.

Polls in Group Chats

Yes, that would really be a one game changer kind of move. We’re often confused between what to wear for a party, whether to go for red or black, which place to for coffee like Starbucks or Barista and other stuff like that. So, what if WhatsApp introduced a poll feature in group chats where we can simply ask whatever is going on our mind and see what our friends have to say about it. Go for majority and sort our lives easily.

Here were a few much needed WhatsApp features we all wish to see on our favorite messaging app. If there’s anything you would like to share, feel free to hit the comment box.

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