11 Best Defragmenter Software To Defrag Windows 11, 10 Hard Drive (2023)

Is your computer taking up too much time opening a file and the response time has increased rather drastically. It indicates a fragmented disk and you should look for a defrag software for your PC. Defragmenting your hard drive is a crucial part of regular disk drive maintenance. Thankfully, there are tons of Best Disk Defragmenter Tools for Windows that can help you defrag your drive. But before we learn about some of the popular defragmentation software, first, let’s understand What Disk Defragging Is?

What is Disk Defragmentation?

When there is not enough space on your disk drive, the data is stored randomly and it makes the disk fragmented. So, when a file is called, it has to collect all the bits from the various places and this makes your PC sluggish. In simple terms, disk defragmentation allows placing all the tiny pieces that make up a single file right next to each other, rather than scattered all over the hard drive. Hence, improving the speed and performance of your computer. Read more details on how a disk defragmentation works.

Why Do You Need The Best Defragmenter Software?

Using a dedicated defragging tool will improve the data retrieval rate on your computer and help its efficiency. It picks up all of the pieces scattered over your hard drive & puts them in place for smooth functioning. It will ease the process of reorganizing data stored on the hard drive so that related pieces of data are placed together & improve the performance of your PC. However, Windows comes equipped with an inbuilt tool to defrag, other tools work more efficiently. 

3 Best Tools To Defrag Hard Drive On Windows PC

These are the three best high-end defrag software that has a strong potential to mitigate disk defragmentation & enhance performance expected.

advanced system optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

  • Reads data and allocates space on disk.
  • Improves performance and speed.
  • Complete PC care and protection.

Best choice

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

  • Optimize Your File System For Faster File Reads & Writes
  • Exclude Files/Folders From Defragmentation
  • Fast & Compact Defragmenter To Boost Overall PC Performance

Best choice

Disk Speedup

Disk Speedup

  • Easy To Navigate Interface With Clearly Labeled Buttons
  • Optimize Your File System To Speed Up Daily Activities
  • Ensures Safe Cleanup Without Many Hassles

Best choice

11 Best Paid & Free Defragmentation Software in 2023

Have a look at what all these disk defragmenter & optimizer has to offer:

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Best Disk Defragmenter

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best defragmentation tool to help you defrag disk on Windows. It has a dedicated Disk Optimizer module that can run a scan and analyze the hard disk for you. It can easily show you the Fragmented, Optimizer, Used space, MFT, and Free space on Windows hard disk.

This is a complete optimization program for Windows PC that can easily clean the hard disk, manage the Startup, repair the disk and perform disk management on your computer. The top disk defragmenter also optimizes and defrag registry entries on your computer.

Features: Advanced System Optimizer

  • Disk Optimization with quick scan and fixes.
  • Clear representation of fragmented disk with different colors.
  • Shows free space and optimized space on disk.


  • Disk Repair tools are included to help your computer run smoothly.
  • Additional features like Secure Encryption and Secure Delete.
  • PC Cleaning and Maintenance application with multiple tools.


  • Free trial is only available for 24 hours.

2. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

Best Disk Defragmenter Software

If you’re having a hard time with a specific file or application, Auslogics Disk Defrag is a perfect choice. The Windows defragmenter app optimizes your file system for faster file reads and writes; it shows a list of fragmented files instead of a vague fragmentation report. It’s an advanced free disk defragmenter that you should try in 2023. The defragmentation software is competent enough to run boot time defrags.

Features: Auslogics Disk Defrag 

  • Optimize SSD storage, so you don’t require a separate program for HDD & SSD.
  • In addition to defragging, it thoroughly removes temp & unused files.
  • Capability to defrag your PC at specified times or when the system is idle.


  • Lightweight disk defragment tool
  • Fast & easy-to-use defragmentation software
  • Portable version available


  • Nothing really for a free disk defragment tool

3. Disk Speedup By Systweak

Disk Speedup

Disk Speedup is one of the best disk defragmenters for Windows 10 and occupies minimum space on your system. It not only defragments the hard drive in a few clicks but also arranges fragmented files consecutively. The defrag software for Windows 10 is safe and secure because it thoroughly checks if the new data has been written correctly or not before overwriting the old data. You can pause and stop the defrag process anytime without fear of losing data. Read the complete review of the disk speedup tool here.

Features: Disk Speedup By Systweak

  • Switch between game & home environment makes it the best defrag application.
  • Has multiple tools to protect your system from malware & other threats.
  • Significantly improves drive performance after disk optimization.


  • Supports boot time defrag
  • Optimize HDD for faster file-access
  • Lets you defrag more than one drive at once


  • Doesn’t support defragging on flash drives

4. IObit Smart Defrag 8

Disk Defragmenter Software

When it comes down to scheduling an automatic defrag process, Smart Defrag proves out to be one of the best defragmentation software for Windows. This product, by IObit, is capable of segregating records and folders from a defrag. It can replace Windows Disk Defragmenter so that you can quickly defrag the Windows Metro Apps, and skip defragging documents that are over specific file size. . It is the best defrag Windows 11 application for quickly improving the responsiveness of your computer.

Features: Smart Defrag 

  • Configure Boot Times for faster Startup, makes it the best disk defragmenter for Windows 10.
  • Game Optimization with Smart Defrag enhances your gaming performance significantly.
  • Tools to enhance quick access speed for copying files in half the time


  • Offers a Game Optimization feature
  • Defrags & optimize the system at the same time.
  • Supports standard & boot-time defragmenting


  • No defragmentation when PC is idle

5. O&O Defrag

Best Defrag Software

O&O Defrag Free Edition has a composed and simple interface. It underpins regular components in comparable defrag programming, such as advancing a drive, surveying a rundown of all the divided documents, and checking a drive for errors. The Windows app possesses all those features which make it one of the best disk defrag tools for Windows 10, amongst others mentioned here.

Features: O&O Defrag 

  • Unlike most of the famous & best defrag software, it supports scheduled defragging.
  • Extensive system restore point files are moved to slower parts of the disk for enhanced performance.
  • Offers detailed hard drive reports, making it the best disk defrag for Windows 10.


  • Shows detailed stats related to defragmenting
  • Eight methods of defragmentation are used
  • Allows auto-defrag in the background


  • Premium users get more benefit when it comes to receiving technical support
  • No Free Defragmentation Software available

6. Defraggler

Free Disk Defrag Tool

Defraggler is a unique disk defragmentation software for Windows that comes along with a choice to either individually defrag the files or defragment the entire disk in one go. Its disk optimizer allows you to defragment by selecting individual files and completing any task as quickly as possible. Once you run an analysis, it’ll list down all the fragmented files on the drive. Therefore, you can choose the files that you just need to defrag.

Read the complete review of the best free defrag software for PC. 

Features: Defraggler

  • Schedule automatic defrags using this best disk defragmentation tool for Windows 10.
  • Exclude specific areas from defragmentation or disk optimization.
  • You can run this disk defragmenter directly from Explorer.


  • Lets you defrag on schedule or automatically
  • Can defrag during a reboot
  • Works well with external HDDs & flash drives


  • Installs Chrome browser by default
  • Doesn’t support defragging while PC is idle

7. GlarySoft Disk Speedup

Disk Defragmenter Tool

GlarySoft Disk Speedup is a fast and efficient disk defrag software with a handy and clean user interface. This Windows defragmentation tool is dedicatedly designed to optimize your system and improve your PC’s overall performance. You can enable the boot time to defrag the option to quickly optimize key Windows system files when it starts to boot.

Features: GlarySoft Disk Speedup 

  • Multiple optimization settings for different users’ needs, making it an all-rounder best disk defrag tool & optimizer.
  • Notable functionality to defragment multiple attached storage drives simultaneously.
  • Exclusion can be set up to avoid defragmentation for specific areas.


  • Free Defragmentation Software
  • Easy-to-use & defrags when PC is idle
  • Highly customizable


  • Cannot use it on removable devices

8. Condusiv Diskeeper


One of the unique highlights of this defrag software is that it can work on up to 3 computers simultaneously. Diskeeper keeps your system in an optimum state, as good as new. Once you use this disk defrag software on Windows, you will experience a noticeable performance boost, be it faster boot times or faster Internet browsing.

Features: Diskeeper 

  • Enterprise-grade solution for improving server fragmentation.
  • Extensive reporting to let users know the amount of benefit has been gained.
  • Group administration across the network is a notable feature for large storage deployments.


  • Offers a server edition with lots of advanced options.
  • Enterprise-grade solution for both HDD & SSDs.
  • Uses IntelliWrite technology to prevent future fragmentation.


  • Lacks common scan options to defrag.

9. UltraDefrag


UltraDefrag is ideal disk defrag software for both novices as well as advanced users. The Windows tool comes along with a common set of features that everyone can use. Additionally, it also offers lots of advanced options for users who need to make any specific program changes.  It even features a dedicated registry tool to elevate overall system performance. You can even schedule automatic optimization with this Windows disk defrag tool.

Features: UltraDefrag 

  • The best defrag program for Windows 10, allows internal & external defragging.
  • Boasts tools to defragment individual files & folders as well.
  • Checks hard drives for potential error, a significant feature lacking in most disk defragment software.


  • Offers hidden advanced options
  • Lets you check hard drive for common errors
  • Supports Internal/External Defragging


  • To unlock advanced options, you have to edit a configuration file

10. WinContig


WinContig quickly defrags files without needing to defrag the whole disk. It’s stand-alone defragmentation software that doesn’t create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. The disk defrag tool is available as freeware for both personal & commercial users.

WinContig also allows users to group files into profiles only & it even accepts optional command-line switches to control how the program works & operates overall.

Features: WinContig 

  • Multilingual best free disk defragmenter available for Windows 10 & other versions.
  • Offers a command-line tool for better operating the settings.
  • You don’t need to install this best defrag software to run it, it offers a portable version.


  • Simple & fast to use the disk defragmenter
  • Best software for optimization
  • Selected files can be defragmented.


  • Limited functionalities as compared to other free defrag software for Windows 10

11. MyDefrag


The Windows disk defrag app for Windows PC is easy enough to drive a magical boost on your system in a single scan. However, if you would like to induce beneath the hood, the defragmentation utility includes various scripts and a scripting engine that offers you access to the tool’s underpinnings. Overall, MyDefrag brings all the essential features and benefits required to become the Best Defrag Software For Windows 10 & other versions.

Features: MyDefrag

  • Simplest & best disk defragmenter tool to use on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Highly customizable free defrag program.
  • Offers three levels of disk data management for better optimization & allocation of data.


  • Disk Defragmenter has a neat & tidy interface
  • Lets you defrag removable devices as well
  • Customizable disk defrag tool for Windows.


  • Complicated to use
  • No frequent updates are launched

Comparison: 10 Best Paid & Free Disk Defragmenter for Windows 10 & Older Versions (2023)

Here is the list of 11 best Disk Defrag software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and other versions, making your PC as good as new!

Comparing Top Paid & Free Disk Defragmentation Software (2023)

Product Developer Price Compatibility Scheduler Auto Defrag (When Idle) Latest Version
Advanced System Optimizer Systweak Software Free, $49.95 Windows XP & Above Yes Yes 3.11.4111.18470
Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro  Auslogics Free Windows XP & Above Yes Yes
Disk Speedup Systweak Software Free, $39.95 Windows XP & Above Yes Yes
IObit Smart Defrag Iobit Free, $19.99 Windows XP & Above Yes Yes 8
O & O Defrag O & O Software Free, $29.95 Windows XP & Above Yes Yes 25
 Defraggler  Piriform Free Windows XP & Above Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler) Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler) 2.22.995
GlarySoft Disk SpeedUp GlarySoft Free Windows XP & Above Yes Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler)
Diskeeper  Condusiv Technologies Trial, $49.95 Windows XP & Above Yes Yes 22.1.2521
UltraDefrag  UltraDefrag Free, $21 Windows XP & Above Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler) Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler) 10.0.0
WinContig  Marco D’Amato Free Windows 2000 & Above Yes Unknown
MyDefrag  Kessels Free Windows 2000 & Above Yes (With Windows Task Scheduler) 4.3.1

Top 11 Best Defrag Solutions For Windows 10 & Other Versions

Now that we’ve concluded some of the best disk optimization software, it is essential to understand this process’s importance. If you’re confused about which disk optimizer you should pick from the list, we recommend you go for Advanced System Optimizer or Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro. These tools not only come with a simple & easy to understand interface, but they are also safe & secure for your system’s health. Additionally, using Disk Speedup software, you can even wipe out the junk and run your system in the best possible state!

We hope you liked our quick rundown of the Top 11 best disk defragmenter software for Windows 10, 8, 7, to keep your system optimized and your hard disks clean and tidy. If you have any personal favorites, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Disk Defragmenter (2023)

Q1. Does Disk Defragmentation Free Up Hard Drive Space?

Yes, this is another useful advantage of using the best defrag software for your Windows. Disk Fragmentation, to some extent, allows you to free up disk space on your system. But how much space can be freed at a time that depends on the type of multimedia file?

Q2. How Long Does It Take Defrag a Disk?

Another frequently asked question before we proceed to our list of 11 Best Paid & Free Defrag Software 2023, is how much time is usually required to defrag a disk. Well, the accurate duration cannot be indeed defined as it depends on the hardware and processor you are running. If you’re using high-end software, then the defragging process might be wrapped in merely 90 minutes but can also take up an entire day if your system is old or running in a poor state.

Q3. What Are The Major Benefits of Disk Defragmentation?

Apart from keeping your drivers up-to-date, here are a few other useful benefits of using Disk defragmentation on Windows.

  • Improved System Performance
  • Faster Boot-Time
  • Files Load Faster
  • Organized Disk Space
  • Reduces the time to read and write files from disk
  • Clears up unused Disk Space

Q4. Does Disk Optimization Speed up PC?

This is another commonly asked question which most of us often wonder. Well, yes, disk optimization certainly speeds up your PC’s performance. Disk Optimization focuses on improving the overall performance of your PC in terms of reliability and speed. One of the most important tasks of a disk optimizer is compressing the data and maximizing free space on your system.

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  • comment_avtar
    eric jones
    thanks for the list of defrag program for my Win10 system but I also have an WinXP and Linux computers. What about those?

    5 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Defragmentation for Linux is a heresy, be careful, Linux fanboys might overreact if you ask them about it. 😉 Win XP had a decent graphical built in tool to do the same. I remember the old Auslogic 4.5 was good.

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Srishti Sisodia
      Hi Alex, Thank you for your comment. We agree with you, Windows XP had a pretty graphical inbuilt tool for defragmentation. Also, it exists in the existing Windows version too. But using a defrag tool makes the task easier, accurate and can be done faster.

      5 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    I am not sure about Defraggler and SmartDefrag and the other software but Auslogics Disc Defragmenter is flagged by Malwarebytes AntiMalware for containing malware (it even flags its “.exe” installation-file). Plus the most-recent version of Auslogics Disc Defragmenter doesn’t-include “Defrag & Optimize” as an accessible option in the free (“free” as-in “$0.00”) version anymore. Every time you try to use it a popup appears asking you to change to the paid version ([which Auslogics have called] the “Pro” version). I’ve been using Auslogics Disc Defragmenter back in the Windows-XP days when CNet.com & Download.com & OldVersion.com didn’t have a-whole-bunch-of-malware bundled[-]in to every downloadable file they have. & turning Auslogics Disc Defragmenter into “pay to unlock the features that used to be in the gratis version” have been a real downer. Please update your article to reflect what I said (that “Defrag & Optimize” is now only-available in the paid version, and that Malwarebytes AntiMalware flags the “.exe” file as containing malware).

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Disk SpeedUp seems like a good option.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    ” Elaine I am not sure about Defraggler and SmartDefrag and the other software but Auslogics Disc Defragmenter is flagged by Malwarebytes AntiMalware for containing malware …” exactly. another program that went straight to quarantine is auslogic’s duplicate finder. i immediately deleted it (along with everything bluestacks) another thing i don’t like about auslogic’s defragmenter is the use of 8 point fonts. please provide a gui that i can read

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mike Ober
    You missed PerfectDisk Pro, which can change the defragmentation algorithms depending on the type of disk – HDD, SSD, or virtual. PerfectDisk can also defrag those pesky system files such as pagefile.sys and swapfile.sys that cannot be defragged while the system is operating.

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Thank you for your suggestion.

      2 years ago

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