Why Is Right Backup For Android A Must Have Travel Essential?

Do you love to travel and click photos? I bet many just love clicking selfies with anything different and strange, including me. Now, I do have a long list of travel essentials.

Still, there is something that I just recently added to the list, and it isn’t anything physical but rather an application that I needed the most on my last trip to Lake City surrounded by mountains. The below image would give you an idea of how many photos anyone would have clicked in a place as beautiful as this.

Image: Bahubali Hills, Badi Lake, Udaipur, India

Problem Faced: My DSLR memory stick ran out of space, and so did my Android Phone.

Potential Solutions: Laptop, External Hard disks, Pen drives, Flash Disks, or Cloud Backup Storage.

Out of all the solutions listed above, it was not easy to obtain decent hardware in a foreign place, and secondly, it would not be feasible to carry so many gadgets with me at all times.

Hence I resorted to purchasing a subscription of Right Backup on my Android app, which helped to take a backup of all my images and upload it to cloud storage. This way, I could free up space on my phone to save a few more memories.

How Taking A Backup is Different From A Simple Cloud Storage?

When you upload your files to cloud storage, say, for example, Google Photos, you transfer the files online and then download them when needed. However, taking an online backup on Android with the Right Backup application is a different process altogether.

When you back up a file, the file’s location also gets stored along with the file, and when a backup is restored, it will download the file in the same location as documented while uploading it.

This helps create a replica of your files and their location rather than download them and then manually relocate each one of them. It is handy in cases if your device gets lost or is restored to factory settings. Restoring from a backup will recreate the same environment of files and their location as they were.

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Some Important Features Of Right Backup

Create a backup of specific files

Right Backup allows users to choose among various categories like images, documents, contacts, videos, and audio files and take a backup of the corresponding files. For example, if you choose music, you will get a list of all the music files on your device and choose which files to backup.

Restore Anywhere

Right Backup allows the users to restore their previously backed up files to the original location or even to a new desired location.

Backup Any File Size

This application does not have restrictions regarding the size of the file and can back up files of any size provided it falls under the limits of space allocated to him by Right Backup.

Schedule Backup

Users can set the desired time for scheduling an automatic backup of the files. The default time set for an automatic backup is 12 hours after the previous backup was conducted.

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Any Device

Right Backup allows users to maintain one account on various devices, which means if you have taken a backup on your Windows 10 PC, you can access it on your Android smartphone.


This application uses Secure Socket Layer or SSL to conceal data in many programming codes, which means your files are not accessible by anyone except you.

Share Files

Right Backup allows users to share their uploaded data with their family and friends.

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How To Take Backup Using Right Data Backup?

Right Data Backup

Right Backup is an easy to use application that can be used by anyone who can use an Android device. Here are the steps to use this application to backup your images:

Step 1: Download and Install Right Backup from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Launch the application and complete the registration process.

Step 3: The first app screen will contain six different categories of files on your system, namely Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, Contacts, and Custom Selection (all other files).


Step 4: Choose the category of files you wish to back up by tapping on it and select the images you wish to upload to the Right Backup Server. In this case, I have chosen the Pictures category to backup first.


Step 5: Once you have selected all the images, click on the Start Backup button below to begin the backup process, and tap on Finish after the process is completed.


You can now select a different category of files and follow the same process to backup the remaining files.

Note: You can remove these files from your Android Smartphone to free up space and click more pictures. You can later restore these pictures to your Android smartphone or your PC by logging in to Right backup using the same credentials.


The Final Word On Why Right Backup For Android Is A Must Have Travel Essential?

It seems meaningless to travel without capturing those memories to cherish back home with your family and friends. Some of you may have a 256 GB storage phone or carry your laptop and flash disks with you. But for others who wish to travel light, opting for a cloud backup online application is the best way to capture as many memories as you want.

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  • comment_avtar
    Paridhi Dhamani
    After recovery where is document or images located??

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    S. Wolfe
    Right backup is easy to use and it helps me keep my data safe and backed up in case something happens to my phone. I tried this app a few months ago and I love using it.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Abhay Tank
    This is completely secure and keep my backup stored in one place.

    4 years ago

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