15 Best Online Board Games To Play With Friends During Quarantine (Free & Paid)

Board Game Nights are typically fun-filled & an ideal way to spend time with friends & loved ones. However, with social distancing in full effect, your best buddies are only in touch with you through virtual mediums. Though there are plenty of single-player games available online with which you can pass your time, things can get a little tricky when you want to play something in a group. 

Fortunately, the web is packed with several paid & free board games to play online for all skill levels. Here are the 15 Best Online Board Game options that are worth checking out

These online games are some great activities in the age of social distancing.

Top 15 Online Board Games in 2020

Digital Board Games  Category (Paid or Free) Availability
Settlers of Catan  Free  Online, Android & iOS
Monopoly  Free Online, Android & iOS
Ludo Legend Free Online, Android & iOS
Scrabble  Free Online, Android & iOS
Ticket to Ride  Paid (For $9.99) Online, Android  & iOS 
Words with Friends Paid (For $4.99) Online, Android  & iOS
Pandemic  Free Online, Android  & iOS
Lichess  Free Online, Android  & iOS
Texas Hold ‘em Free Online & Android
Bingo  Free Online
Free Online Backgammon Free Online, Android  & iOS
Carcassonne  Free Online, Android  & iOS
Mysterium  Free Online, Android  & iOS
Lords of Waterdeep  Free Online, Android  & iOS

Must-Try Online Board Games To Play When Boredom Strikes

1. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan


Settlers of Catan is arguably one of the most popular free board games to play online. As a player, your role is to trade, build and settle successfully on the uncharted island of Catan. Rather than focusing on killing and destroying enemies, this fun game mostly aims at building and surviving throughout the journey. You can relate a lot with this online board game when it comes to dealing with real-life scenarios. Maybe that’s one of the reasons it has got immense popularity

To Play Settlers of Catan Online, Click Here


2. Monopoly



It’s a classic joke that the game of Monopoly takes way too long to finish. But that only happens because several people have learned to play the online board game wrong. But regardless of the fact, you do have plenty of time to play this free board game with friends online. Wheel and then deal is the formula of building your fortune. Just click on the ‘Roll’ button to roll the dice and move your Monopoly piece to the number of spaces indicated on the Roll. What happens next would rest on the block you’ve landed on! 

To Play This Exciting Free Online Game, Click Here


3. Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend


Here’s one of the most famous and iconic games of all time played at every house. Most of us have been playing Ludo with siblings & neighbors since childhood. Since online board games are having a moment these days, it would be an excellent time for every one of us to relive childhood memories and play Ludo again. Don’t have the traditional game board? Well, the online Ludo Legend digital board is a complete replica of your tangible board. 

You Must Already Be Familiar With The Gameplay, So Start Playing This Online Game Here

4. Scrabble




The popular Internet Scrabble Club is a dedicated spot for scrabble, game lovers,      & it has been for a quite long time. To play scrabble, one has to frame words with letter tiles to earn maximum points. Since it’s one of the oldest & all-time favorite ‘word board games’, you’ll mostly find the Pro players at the club. Yes, you can either invite your Google contacts or Facebook friends to play the board game online or meet random players from all over the world at the club.  

To Start Playing This Word Game, Connect Here

5. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride 



An official adoption from the Days of Wonder’s best-selling Train Game, Ticket to Ride. The online board game is very easy to understand & you can master it for a lifetime in a short period of playing. It’s relatively popular in the market & asks players to stand against one another in a race to build train routes across places, including the U.S. and Canada. Players just need to earn points for creating specific routes that can have extra-long journeys. 

It’s Not Just Exciting; It’s an Addictive Online Board Game, Play Now


6. Words with Friends

Words with Friends


Facebook is a hub of online games & since lots of us are already active on Facebook, to play this fun free board online game, a simple sign-up is required. The board game is much similar to Scrabble & lets you go head-to-head with friends or a random opponent on Facebook. The only downside with this exciting online game is that it doesn’t offer a single-player option. So, you need to challenge friends & people who already have the app installed. 

Try Words With Friends; Free Online Board Game & Challenge Your Pals


7. Pandemic



This online game might be a little on-the-nose of some people. But if you are the sort of person who imagines dark thoughts of potential disease spreading across the planet like wildfire, & then exploring things to what to do? Well, the online board game, Pandemic sounds like an ideal game to play this quarantine. Team up with your friends to fan out across the planet & help the world in getting rid of epidemics one by one.  

Note: This online game has been discontinued.

8. Lichess



Built for the love of chess, the online board game has a user base of 150000 individuals daily & growing tremendously well. You can create your own game or accept challenges from unknown players throughout the world. Lichess is available in more than eighty languages and has a standalone chess clock with multiple time settings to create tension while playing. Moreover, you can play chess puzzles, learn basics & play tournaments.  

So, Start Creating Your Community & Enjoy This Quarantine! 

9. Texas Hold ‘em

Texas Hold ‘em



Texas Hold ’em aka Texas Holdem, it’s a popular online board game with a variation of the standard card game of poker. It’s played on a single table with two to eight players, in which each player is dealt two private or ‘hole’ cards that belong to them alone. A particular player can use these shared cards on the board in conjunction with their cards to make the highest possible poker hand. 

So, Invite Your Friends To A Virtual Poker Game Now! 

10. Bingo




If you are looking for a fun & free online board game to play with your family, then Bingo is the correct choice. You can invite your friends to join the virtual game room, there’s no money involved & there’s no such pressure, everyone gets a fair chance to win Bingo. You can even pause the game anytime you want & also change the speed of it. Play faster or slower as required. 

Check Out The Rules Of Bingo Free Online Board Game Here

11. Free Online Backgammon

Free Online Backgammon 


The classic online game offers an exciting & challenging version to enjoy the traditional board game of improving strategic skills. The first version was played in Ancient Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago. You will genuinely be enticed with the updated digital board version that takes you a thousand years back in the traditional world of Backgammon. To get started with this free online board game: Just remove all the checkers from the board before your competitor does. Roll the dice counterclockwise to make them enter into the area called home board. 

You Can Check Out The Gameplay Here

12. Carcassonne



Carcassonne is a fantastic online board game that can be played solo, as a local multiplayer & of course on the web. The players can range from one to six members. You have to build farms, complete the roads. However, it’s a tactical game, so you have to make sure you place your Meeples in such a way that you win the game. It’s the Spiel des Jahres winning board game and supports all the popular platforms, like Android, iPhone, PC Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Become The Master Of Carcassonne; Start Playing The Online Board Game Now! 

13. Mysterium



Here’s another extremely social game that works surprisingly well on the web as well. The gameplay revolves around a ghost that guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, the location and the weapon for the same via following visual clues. The freeboard game to play online also features a story mode with an option to play solo with AI partners. Mysterium is also available to play on Steam, App Store & on Google Play Store for different types of users. 

So, What Are You Waiting For, Check Out This Online Board Game Here

14. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep


If you are a fan of playing Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll fall in love with this classic free online game. The rules are quite simple, so you don’t have to be exhausted in understanding what to do. You’ll be playing as a Masked Lord, whose job is to recruit adventures to complete the quest and loot treasures for him. It’s one of the best free board games to play online with a maximum of five players in a single turn. 

Get Your Hands On This Award-Winning Strategy Online Board Game Here!

Wrap Up: Top 14 Best Online Board Games To Play With Friends (Free & Paid) 2020

Staying at home, with possibly nothing to do apart from the drill ‘Eat, Sleep & Repeat’ routine, it can undoubtedly get onto people’s nerves. That being said, we hope our aforementioned list ‘Paid & Free Board Games To Play Online’ turns out to be a great tool for you to have entertainment while you are staying inside! 



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    Just a heads up, some have changed since this was published. Monopoly was taken down from that site, settlers of catan have a limited gameplay for free (but you can still play the basic game at least) and carcasonne is just not free in general (you need to pay for premium which is like 4€ monthly, not a lot but not free). Don’t know about the rest, these are just the ones I tried. 🙂

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