How to Unlock iPhone or Android Phone with Broken Screen

Oh! Is your phone’s screen broken? It hurts, I know. We all have been there! Broken or cracked mobile screen is truly a nightmare for everyone. Without proper touch screen you cannot navigate, swipe, send texts or perform any task on your phone. This is exactly the situation especially when touch screen feature has been completely destroyed. However, this is not the worse part!

The scenario is your device is locked with PIN or Pattern and now it’s not responding when you enter the password. No matter if you have decided to replace the screen or buy a new phone, the most important thing is to unlock it and create a backup of all files.

Fortunately, we came up with some useful tricks that’ll help you to bypass lock screen password when the screen in broken.

broken iphone and android

How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen?

If your phone is not responding to your swipes because of a broken screen or maybe due to some unknown reasons. You should follow this guide “How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen” to make it work again. Here’ we are discussing three methods that will surely help you to deal with your broken phone screen.

Method 1: Using A Screen Removal App

Reasons don’t matter when you’re unable to unlock your device. But a smart tool like Tenorshare 4uKey Android Unlocker can certainly help bypass the lock screen in a few moments. It comes with capabilities to remove any PIN/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint locks, so that you can access your phone’s broken screen without any passcode.

Download 4uKey Android Unlocker Here

Note: Before beginning with this process, please keep in mind that the process would erase all your data on your device.

Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, S6/S6 Edge/ S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 5/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

4ukey for android to unlock android screen

So, let’s start bypassing Android lock screen:

  • Download & Launch the software on your PC > connect your Android device via USB cable. The program will instantly download a driver for your phone.
  • Once it’s done, the software will prompt a message whenever your Android device is successfully connected.
  • Once your phone is connected, Click on ‘Remove’ button to disable the lock screen.
  • Allow 4uKey Android Unlocker to erase all your data, so that it can begin removing your lock screen.
  • Once the removing process is completed, the next step is to enter your phone into Recovery Mode.  To do so: Long press the Power button to switch off your device > Long press Volume down, Power & Home button simultaneously > your device will enter into recovery Mode.  
  • Factory Reset your phone & restart your device to get logged into your broken phone screen.

METHOD 2: Via Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

For readers who are unaware of what Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is, it’s a command line tool that helps users to communicate with your phone through your system. The tool is mostly used by advanced users.

Things You Need:

  1. A Computer
  2. USB Cable
  3. Android SDK
  4. And most essential, an enabled USB Debugging option on your Android phone
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If USB Debugging is already turned on your device, then you’re good to go. But if it’s disabled then this method won’t work.

Step 1- Download a compatible Android SDK file. Click here to find the correct one for you.

Note: In case you have a 32-bit machine, go for 32-bit item otherwise download 64 bits.

Step 2- Connect your phone with PC via USB cable, and launch Command Prompt. (Go to Search Menu > Type Cmd > Hit Enter)

Step 3- Now you have to change the directory to where SDK files are located. Most probably the location would be platform tools in Android folder. So, enter the following into the command prompt:

Cd C:/android/platform-tools

Step 4- Keep typing ‘adb devices’ command and hit Enter.

Step 5- Once your device has been recognized, you will be displayed some numbers on the CMD Window.

Step 6- Type few more commands and execute them immediately one after another.

adb shell input text 1234

shell input keyevent 66

Note: In the above command you have to replace “1234” with your phone password!

Access Android Phone with Broken Screen
Image Source: tenorshare

If in case you have locked your phone with a pattern, then you have to take a few more steps to unlock broken screen Android.

adb shell



sqlite3 settings. db

update system set value =0 where

name= ‘lock_pattern_autolock;

update system set value=0 where




adb reboot

Executing the aforementioned command will help you to reset the pattern passcode. If not, then try entering the last command:

adb shell rm


That’s it!

If this method is performed correctly, your phone would be unlocked immediately! Hence, you can start taking backups!

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METHOD 3: With the Help of USB Mouse

What if you don’t have USB Debugging option enabled? Don’t get disheartened here’s a fix for you to unlock broken screen Android.

Things You Need:

  1. OTG Cable
  2. And that’s all!

Before proceeding with the steps, make sure you have a phone that by default supports USB OTG if it doesn’t then this method won’t help you.

With the Help of USB Mouse
Image Source: jihsoft

Step 1- Attach an OTG Cable into the micro USB port on your phone.

Step 2- Now plug the USB mouse to the other part of the cable. When your mouse and phone is successfully connected, you will observe a mouse pointer under broken stripes of your screen.

Step 3- Use your mouse to draw the pattern to unlock your device.

Now start creating backups of all your important stuff and restore them on your new smartphone!

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How to Access iPhone with Broken Screen?

To access your iPhone with a broken screen, you need to first bypass the lock screen. And to do so:

Method 1- Using Third-Party Screen Removal App

As you saw how Tenorshare 4uKey Android Unlocker turned out to be our best bet to bypass lock screen. It’s iPhone screen bypass unlocker also works effectively to remove passcodes, Touch ID or Face Id.

4ukey for iphone remove iphone passcode

To bypass iPhone broken screen lock, using Tenorshare 4uKey, follow the steps below:

    • Download 4uKey for your Mac > Launch the program & select option ‘Unlock Lock Screen Passcode’.
    • Connect your iPhone to your Mac to allow 4uKey Screen Unlocker to detect your device.
    • Once it detects, click on the Start button on the main interface, so that a firmware package could be downloaded on your device.
    • Once the download is complete, click on ‘Unlock Now’ button to start the lock screen removing process.

Similar to Tenorshare’s Android Unlocker, it’s iPhone app will also delete all your data from your device but the app would potentially help you to log back into your device!

Method 2 – Access your iPhone with a broken screen by tricking Siri

Step 1- Long hold the Home button to enable Siri. Once the personal assistant pops up, say “Turn on VoiceOver”

Step 2 – Hit the Home button twice to get the password screen.

Step 3 – Now use the part of your screen that is responding to touch, swipe left and right to move the VoiceOver cursor. In case you are unable to see the screen, don’t worry the VoiceOver will say the button is selected.

Step 4 – When the cursor is on next passcode number, tap twice to ‘tap’ the selected password number.

Step 5 – Once the correct passcode is entered, your iPhone would be unlocked > connect it to your computer and use VoiceOver to tap “Trust” in the dialog box that pops up.

Step 6 – Create your media backups to iTunes!

Hope this process has helped to retrieve data from broken iPhone.

Bottom Line

Broken or cracked phones should be handled very carefully so that you don’t damage it further. We hope you find these methods super-easy to use so that you can access all your files and data for future restoration.

Happy Unlocking! ?

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