Best Adobe Illustrator Plugins and Illustrator Extensions

Extension, add-on, or Plugin allows users to add a missing tool or feature to an existing program or software. For instance, Adobe Illustrator, which is the most admired vector graphics editor with tons of in-built tools and features. However, the program cannot be jack of all trades and hence, does not work efficiently with certain programs. They lack various paths and elements that most of the designers and artists demand.

Plug-ins help users to operate in Illustrator quicker, more easily, and even eradicate the necessity of using other applications. In this blog, we are covering the best free Adobe Illustrator plugin that you can download or purchase from their official website.

The Best Adobe Illustrator Plugins &  Extensions

1. Cineware for Illustrator

This plugin is a software designed for the entry-level beginners, who do have introductory knowledge about 3D tools but wish to gain expertise on these tools. This is a perfect platform for novices, who plans to experiment and sharpen their skills. This free but best illustrator extension is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS and Windows 10.

Cineware for Illustrator

This plugin is owned by MAXON and its partner TurboSquid. It allows users to regulate the lighting, view and textures in the Cinema 4D file by assimilating 2D design with 3D elements. Also, in order to begin rendering, users do not have to exit from Illustrator. Users can make alterations at their convenience and is extremely useful for product designers. This does not hinder the workflow and at the same time, images are automatically rendered. Visit Now

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2. Patharea

Compatible with Ai 7/8/9, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS6, this plugin is available for free. Talking about the features, Patharea is no different from other best free Adobe Illustrator plugin but has one special feature. Users can compute the interlocking area or singular paths via a built-in feature of this software. However, users must get their hands on the dialog box and scan for the suitable information.


Basically, this software makes the procedure quick and easy. Users can use this feature by visiting the Filters menu that provides the size of the path, they have selected or the area of adjoining shapes and paths. This allows for the accurate calculations of the printed graphics, which is really difficult to recover. Visit Now

3. EskoArtwork Data Exchange Plug-in

If ArtiosCAD is the backbone of the packaging design business, then EskoArtwork Data Exchange Plug-in is the passage that everyone is looking for. It allows users to launch innate ArtiosCAD files in Illustrator without the need to transform and compress them. Users can place files on the art board and then put on objects, swatches and Ai files upon the ArtiosCAD design.

EskoArtwork Data Exchange Plug-in

Users can also influence paths and guides of the Illustrator design, straightaway on the ArtiosCAD. It acts as a link between Esko’s other applications: PackEdge, Automation Engine, Plato and ArtPro. The application is available for free and is compatible with CS6 to CC 2017. Visit Now

4. Select Menu

In order to make this application software unique, 18 additional features have been added to illustrator. Though these added features appear redundant, but it enables users to access closed and open paths, guides, unfilled paths, dashed paths, stroked paths, compound paths, undashed paths, unstroked paths and many more on a single object.

Select Menu
source: dzineblog

It pairs these with supplementary export choices that can be shown in Illustrator as in-built but can also be pooled for keeping transparencies and flattening pictures swiftly. The package is available for free and is compatible with CS3 to CC 2017. Visit Now

5. Mesh Tormentor

Developed by YemZ, this outstanding Illustrator plug-in is absolutely free. Designed with the purpose to provide larger control over Gradient Meshes and to eradicate the problem faced during creating difficult gradients. Mesh Tormentor is an excellent platform to simplify the work process, which is usually considered as tedious and tricky.

Mesh Tormentor
Source: Mesh Tormentor

It automates the task via a number of fresh instructions that consists of Show Aces, Corner Nodes, Smooth tool, and Convert Knots into Vertexes. Each one of them is used for generating remarkable vector results. Visit Now

6. VectorScribe

Developed by Astute Graphics, VectorScribe is considered as the “vector Swiss Army knife” of Illustrator plugins. With this amazing add-on, users can control paths, points and handles with ease and simultaneously develop vector shapes and edit corners. When it comes to accelerating the workflow and getting the exact right size, this software is the best option you have.

Source: Vector Diary


The software has various outstanding tools including Reposition Point tool and Extend Path Tool. The former one allows users to slide along the path for the maintenance of the shape of the original path. While the latter one lengthens or shorten the path to accurate size or intersections. Other highlights of this software are ghost handles and Dynamic Corners. With the former tool, users can redesign the path via dragging while the later provides greater control on the corners that demands editing.

VectorScribe can also help lessen your file sizes. The application is available for 14 days free trial period and can be purchased at an affordable cost of £69. Visit Now 


Developed by CValley Inc, the software is a set of best Illustrator extensions that manages to add an array of effects to your fingertips. This assemblage of multipurpose tools allows users to swiftly craft designs from basic to composite vectors in within seconds.


The upgraded version of the software is equipped with a range of fresh effects. For instance, the 3D Transform filters of the application allow users to transform the objects into different shapes like spirals, spheres, spirals, cylinders or even donuts directly. Users can also design images for web animation with Trace option tool. Also, users can create motion blur effects easily via Illustrator?s Transparency tool. The application is available for 15 days free trial use or for 30 uses. Visit Now

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8. CADtools 11

 CAD has gained its reputation for its amazing products and outstanding performance in different field. Coming to Adobe’s best Illustrator extension, CADtools is an amazing software that is worth a try. Its incredible set of tools allow users to snap object automatically and directly throw images to isometric grids. Users can save lots of time and bring efficiency in the work.

CADtools 11

This application is kind of dreamland for every designer and artist as it has everything they need. High productivity and time-saving tools are its USP. However, the application is not cheap and is available at a cost of $349. You can use 7 days free trial of the application before spending the total amount. Visit Now

So, this was all about the best free Adobe Illustrator plugin that is currently dominating the market. Some of them are free of cost while some are available in trial version. You can download or purchase the application as per the requirement. DO share your experience of using this software in the comment section below.

9. Xtreme Path

This software is available for 15 days trial period or 30 uses per users. This extension is a product of CValley and is one of the best programs for illustrators with 36 filters and tools. This application delivers flexibility and intuitive path editing route for your daily tasks. Now, you do not have to worry about direction lines and control points with this software.

Xtreme Path

It allows you to correct path segments exactly the way you want to. That is its simplicity of this product that lessens the number of layers required to achieve the same result that you achieve in difficult way. In the end, this product not only saves your time but also deliver more efficiency and accuracy to the work.  Visit Now

10. Texturino

Available for the 14 days free trial period, this software is a great alternative to Photoshop for texturing your work process. You can develop natural and artistic work and you do not have to switch between different programs. Its most demanding tool is Opacity brush that efficiently masks the background and things as per the requirement and with greater depth.

Source: Astute Graphics

Also, it has a texture tool that adds textures based on raster and gives you live effects. The program has plug-in ships along with high-end textures of various kinds. Once you sign up for the product, you can use the application for free for the next fourteen days. Visit Now

Plugins are time-saver and handy and has the ability to simplify your workload. So, this was all about best free Adobe Illustrator plugin that is currently dominating the market. Download them now and share your experience in the comment section below.

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