Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Writers

Writing a pitch-perfect copy is not an easy task. A writer has to take care of so many things to deliver a perfect writeup. Tasks range from focusing on the style, paying heed to the grammar and maximizing the readability. There are many chrome extensions for writers that help you achieve the same in a shorter span of time.

Given below is the list from where you can download chrome extensions for writers –

1. TweakPass


Having listed so many chrome extensions for writers, there are so many passwords that a writer has to remember and punch in day-in and day-out. So, if you are racking your brains to think of passwords instead of writing words that could possibly knock someone’s socks off, time to use yet another chrome extension called TweakPass that –

  • Enables you to manage not just your passwords, but even important notes (we know you scribble them time and again, don’t you?) and bank account details (A writer deserves to be remunerated not just with praises but with money too!).
  • Provides multilayered AES security which no cyberthreat can dare to enter.
  • Lets you manage passwords on all devices – smartphones, laptops, desktops.
  • Helps create unique, strong and hard to decipher passwords for multiple accounts.

2. StopAll Ads

StopAll Ads

Something that can completely shake the focus of writers during research and delay their productivity are unwanted and intrusive ads that appear out of nowhere. Some of these ads even track and follow user activity during subsequent searches. Worse! There are ads that might have malware or virus embedded.

Needn’t be scared, all you got to have is an ad-blocker and StopAll Ads is one such extension that

  • Identifies and blocks all domains with malware and helps you get rid of intrusive ads.
  • Let’s you browse what you actually wish to with no ads to disrupt your viewing experience.
  • Keeps you informed of varied web tracking methods and ways you can dodge these.
  • Let’s you disable social media buttons that sneak into your private data without your knowledge.


 3. OneTab


One of the simple and straightforward Google Chrome extensions is OneTab. As the name suggests, this app deals with tabs that you open in your browser. You cannot just pour down all your thoughts on a text editor without thorough research. Almost every waking moment when we are writing, we open endless tabs.

What’s the result?

Confusion! When you have a hundred tabs opened right in front of your eyes, it is overwhelming and practically impossible to select the right tab. That’s where OneTab comes to your rescue. In a click, it sorts all your open tabs neatly in the form of a list. Sounds so normal, right? Imagine how much load those several opened tabs put on your CPU? OneTab can save approximately 95% of the memory and –

  • You’ll be able to name the tab groups
  • Delete or restore tabs
  • You can share all tabs like a web page using Barcode scanner app


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4. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read Aloud A Text to Speech Voice Reader

There is a lot of difference between what you write and what you speak. When you have someone speak the text you have written, it makes it easy for you to identify your mistakes better. Read Aloud is undoubtedly one of the best Chrome extensions for writers that speaks out the selected text aloud.

  • It supports more than 40 languages.
  • Gives you the option to choose your desired pitch and speed.
  • It has a natural flowing speech and grasps the minute nuances of the text.
  • It has easy to use settings.


5. Grammarly

With over 10 million users, Grammarly has widespread acceptability of being the best Chrome extensions for writers when it comes to delivering impactful, clear and impeccable content. It efficiently helps you in:

  • Dealing with grammar and styling issues of varying complexity.
  • Using spelling the right way (contextually).
  • Detect citation issues and plagiarism (available in the premium version)

As a new feature, Grammarly also sends you weekly emails based on your performance stats and personalized insights.


6. GradeProof



Despite writing a spotless blog, do you feel as if you are running out of breath? Do you wish to know if a 5th grader would be able to understand what you have written? There are several such factors that make your written piece perfect.

GradeProof holistically grades your write up on several aspects like –

  • Words used in a sentence.
  • Readability and comprehension level.
  • Time a reader would take to read your article.
  • Syllables used in a word.


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7. ProWritingAid


With the amount of writing that a writer does, whether on or off the internet is beyond comprehension. Blogs, articles, emails, social media posts, proposals, the list is just endless. Style and grammar are two aspects that can make or break your write-up. While a blog or an article might look great to you, it might not be as enticing when you look at it from your end reader’s perspective.

As one of the best Google Chrome extensions, ProWritingAid helps you to –

  • Edit your write up in the best possible manner and that too with ease.
  • Make your writing perfect especially by fixing all the style issues.
  • Eliminate minute spelling and grammar errors which sometimes are very easy to ignore.


It’s practically impossible for one writer to adhere to several quality parameters in a blog, article or any other form of write up. Let’s ease up things and download chrome extensions for writers.

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