Best Audio Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Audio Files

Only music lovers can understand the pain of losing their media files. You can lose these files due to corrupt hard drives, viruses, malware or you could delete a file accidentally as well. Deleted audio files can be downloaded but what about the conversations recorded or the songs’ names that you don’t remember? Well, this problem can be fixed using an audio recovery tool. It can recover deleted audio files.

One of the best audio recovery software, Advanced Disk Recovery, which can recover your music files in jiffy provided your files have not been overwritten. Let’s know how the Advanced Disk Recovery tool works to recover deleted songs and what are its features.

Can You Recover Lost Audio Files On Windows?

Yes, with a good recovery tool, you can recover your deleted audio files from your computer. The files when deleted are not removed from your computer right away. After deleting a file, space earlier taken by that file is marked available until new data overwrites it. That’s why there is a probability to recover deleted files.

Which Audio Recovery Tool To Choose?

There are a lot of tools available which claim to recover your deleted audio files however, not all of them work well. Therefore you need a tool to rely on. One of the best audio recovery software. Advanced Disk Recovery can help you when it comes to getting back your deleted files.

Along with audio files, this audio recovery software can successfully recover all types of files from text to video. It can retrieve files from your computer’s hard drive, removable device, USB Drive, and external hard drive.

How To Recover Deleted Audio Using Advanced Disk Recovery?

Advanced Disk Recovery tool comes with advanced features such as Session pause, Deep scan, Quick scan to recover deleted audio files instantly.

Let’s know how it works:

  • Download & Install Advanced Disk Recovery.
  • Launch the app & select drive you want to scan to recover deleted music files.

Note: You can select a hard drive, Removable drives such as external hard drive or USBs

Before starting a scan, you can click on Settings->Filter Options to specify time, size and file health.

  • Click Start Scan Now.
  • Select Scan type. For profound scanning choose Deep Scan.

Note: Select Deep Scan to recover a maximum number of audio files. Also, be patient, this process could be time-consuming.

  • Once the scan result comes up, you can Preview recovered files with Preview option and click Recover to recover deleted songs.

  • It will ask for a preferred location to save recovered data.

Note: It is recommended not to store data on the same drive on which scanned to recover lost files.

Advanced disk recovery audio

Now the tool will start restoring lost music files. Once this audio recovery software completes the process, it will show results including Total files scanned, deleted files found, total files selected for recovery and more.

  • Once you are satisfied with scan report, click Finish.


So, this is how the Advanced Disk Recovery tool works.

Best Audio Recovery Software For Windows: Advanced Disk Recovery

Moving forward, we will discuss what are the features. We have used this software to recover audio files on our computer and will provide you a complete review of this music recovery software.

Is The Interface User-Friendly?

Advanced Disk Recovery has a simple and clean interface. The tool is user-friendly and therefore can be used by anyone who is looking to recover deleted audio files, irrespective of being a novice or professional.

This tool has a white color background with a tint of blue color along with black color border. It also has blue buttons.

Features That Make It The Best:

Advanced Disk Recovery is not only the best audio recovery software but can also recover other files. Check out the features which make it worth:

  1. This tool can restore all lost and deleted files, no matter the size or file type. So, you can recover text files, documents, videos, audios, photos and more.
  2. It comes with two scan modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan scans for deleted files based on Master File Table (MFT file). Deep Scan is for profound scanning and therefore the probability of recovering deleted files is more than Quick Scan.
  3. While running Deep Scan, you can pause the session anytime you want. You can suspend and resume the scan as per your convenience.
  4. This tool can recover data from all removable drives, local hard drives, CD/DVDs.

 Well, losing data can cause a lot of trouble for you. Therefore you need a tool which could restore deleted files. Finding one is difficult, as there are numerous recovery software available to choose from. Advanced Disk Recovery is a great recovery tool to recover deleted files provided the files are not overwritten.

So, install Advanced Disk Recovery tool now and recover your lost audio files, text files, and videos, photos in no time.

What do you think? Will you use this music recovery software to recover deleted audio files? Please share your views and experience in the comments section below.

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