6 Video Games Genres Virtual Reality Can Redefine

We’re already a year past the supposed ‘future’ portrayed in ‘Back to the Future’.  Although we still don’t have self-tying shoes or hoverboards (actual hover board that hovers!), virtual reality or VR has certainly made some futuristic developments. You might already be thrilled to try your hands on the new PlayStation VR headset for PS4 and literally immerse yourself in the world of gaming. If you’re a gamer and fired up about enjoying your favorite games in virtual reality, here are some games that could definitely benefit through this technology.

  • Motorsport/Racing Games –

There’s no denying that driving a virtual reality race car is one of the most brilliant uses of this technology. All your favorite racing games and simulations such as Need for Speed, Grand Turismo and the ruthless demolition derby games would feel excellent with VR. Twisted Metal VR anyone?


  • Horror/Survival Games –

Remember how the last Resident Evil game was even worse than the movie series? Although there are plenty of good titles when it comes to survival horror games, we know that this genre needs some rescuing. Virtual reality could certainly breathe new life in horror/survival video game by providing some genuine jump scares and realistic environments.


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  • Aircraft Simulators –

Realistic experience of flying an airplane as promised by the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator definitely feels a little incomplete, regardless how big your screen is. A virtual reality simulation is already being used to train new pilots, so it’s consumer application would certainly offer loads of fun. VR could also redefine the Rail shooter genre by VR releases of games such as Star Fox.


  • City Building Games –

Games like Sim City and Cities: Skylines have already been praised for their extremely immersive gameplay and a chance to build magnificent looking cities. Now imagine doing the same in virtual reality. VR could not only enhance the possibilities of city building games, but now you can actually roam the streets of the Parisian city that you built.


  • Life Simulation/Social Simulation –

If you’re disappointed how your created Sim (sims series) is actually enjoying a better life than you, then VR would totally change that. VR based social media and dating simulations are already in development and could not only redefine gaming but also have a major impact on communication technology. With VR you can actually have a first person experience of a social simulation game instead of simply controlling a character with your mouse.


  • Stealth Games –

Imagine having a realistic first-person experience of Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed) and slaying Templars. Well, this would certainly be a much more satisfying experience with VR gaming. Who wouldn’t like to play as the caped crusader and stalk criminals in the dark alleys of Gotham city, if the Arkham games were ever released on VR.


First person shooting games are certainly the best choice to be played with VR, but the abovementioned genres too can actually benefit from VR technology. This technology certainly adds immense possibilities to the video gaming industry and can definitely create a whole new level of gaming experience. Sony have announced a handful of titles along with its launch in the UK, but that certainly isn’t enough to keep the gamers satiated.

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