Best Free Google Chrome Alternative Browsers

Google Chrome is definitely the first name that pops in our mind when we talk about browsers. Since the release of Chrome, it has always proven to be the best in the market with its mind-blowing design, high-speed browsing, and stupefying features. However, some of the users are open to experimenting with other available options and some even have specific demands and requirements which Chrome may not be able to fulfill. If you’re one of them, you can surely give a shot to these free Chrome alternatives.

In this post, we’re going to list the best alternatives to Google Chrome browser to enrich your online experience. So, let’s take a look at them!

Free Alternative Browsers To Google Chrome

1. Opera


Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, and Symbian.

Opera browser is one of the oldest browsers that always comes up with interesting and innovative features and never lets anyone steal its throne. It lets you privately browse your content in an incognito tab without leaving a trace on your device. It lets you import all your data from Chrome with great ease. Free and unlimited VPN is provided with Opera browser, and this advantage makes it a great alternative to Chrome.

You get a built-in Newspaper and mouse gestures which are not found in Chrome. Along with the responsiveness, you can get all Chrome extensions on Opera if you feel homesick after leaving Chrome for this alternative browser. It comes with a Power Saver mode to increase battery life.

This web browser also has a speed dial layout option that lets you access your recently visited websites in a grid format, which can be effortlessly customizable according to your preferences. Like Google Chrome, Opera also comes with inbuilt ad blocker facility that quickly loads search results faster without any interruption.

Get It Here

2. Brave Browser:

brave browser- chrome alternative

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.

Brave is a free open-source web browser based on Chromium. Most notable feature would be that stops any kind of tracking and blocks ads. Making a difference Brave browser has potential to be a good replacement of Chrome for your operating systems be it on PC or smartphones. This uses DuckDuckGo as default search engine in place of Google on Chrome. In recent studies, it’s claimed that Google is collecting the data, it is a good reason to switch to a different search engine.

It is the superfast browser for mobile phones and also works swiftly on desktops. Brave browser lets you sync your devices for user-friendly features as to access your bookmarks on a desktop which you marked while using a phone. Customize settings for a particular site or entire web browser.

Download Brave Here

3. Mozilla Firefox

mozila firefox

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android.

Mozilla Firefox has always been there to compete with Chrome. Firefox is a smart browser that gives you a great private browsing experience along with tracking protection. It is a lightweight browser that consumes almost thirty percent less memory than Google Chrome. Ever since the launch Firefox Quantum, Mozilla claimed that it uses less RAM. Moreover, you can rely on Firefox browser, when speed is your concern, as it gives 2X faster results than any other browser. That means you get to open more tabs in the browser in less time. Gaming experience in 3D is enhanced in Mozilla Firefox due to speed.

Undoubtedly, Mozilla Firefox deserves to be first on the list. It provides with a lot of extensions which are exclusive to Firefox. One such extension is Tree style tab that lets the tabs open in sidebar in a tree- branches form. Firefox is a good option for a web browser for security online.

Mozilla Firefox is the world’s most popular browser that is developed by the Mozilla Foundation & Mozilla Corporation. This open-source browser is written in C++, JavaScript, HTML, C, and Rust.

4. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge browser

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge is a fast, safe and default web browser on Windows 10 that is replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser on its shelves. This browser is designed to give you comfort and helps you to focus on content. Microsoft comes with the unique features for the readers. Find the features such as Mute Tab for a specific tab and not an entire website. Also, you can see the Windows Defender Smartscreen integration on Edge turned on for safety.

It might not be popular now but who knows with new features it could get fame. With detailed settings which makes customizing the web browser easier makes it a huge favorite. Moreover, Edge allows you to stream videos on Netflix on 4K which makes it the best alternative to Chrome.

Microsoft Edge comes with an inherent personal assistant feature that helps you to search for any information while working on any other website.  It lets you manage your frequently visited sites in one place. In fact, you can use hub for the quick visit to recent downloads and history.

5. Maxthon

maxthon browser

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux.

With over billions of active users, Maxthon has made its place among the best Chrome alternatives. It is a freeware web browser that is available in 53 different languages. Browser shares its compatibility with almost all extensions and add-ons in Chrome store. Best part is that your browser settings sync with all devices you use. What more can you ask from web browser which gives you such an important feature? It is based on the Internet Explorer layout, so you can get Maxthon if you loved using IE.

You can easily drag and drop text, content, images to share on email or chat with others. This is a Maxthon exclusive feature and makes it stand out for an alternative to Google Chrome. Apart from being a swift and user-friendly web browser, Maxthon has a lot more to offer you. You can download videos, music, photos with a tap of your finger on web and view them offline when you’ve time for them. Indeed, Maxthon is fully loaded with incredible features and deserves a cookie. It will not take much time to install and has a fast click-through speed. It also advances in keeping a check on children as includes parental control.

6. Pale Moon

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows and Linux

Pale Moon is another one of the best alternatives to Chrome. It’s a great browser that has a fully customizable interface. It is an open-source browser, which is Goanna-based web browser and developed by M.C. Straver back in the year 2009. It typically bases on the ease of usage for the people browsing on either of the two Operating systems its available on. Its default search engine is DuckDuckGo instead of Google, Yahoo or Bing as the popular choices.

Pale Browser is an open-source project so people can collaborate to it As Pale Moon is a multilingual browser that offers a different set of features to make sure you get the most out of your browser. It is worth to give a try. Don’t you think?

7. Tor Browser:

tor browser alternative to chrome

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.

Tor Browser is known for its anonymity, as it provides a no trail back to its users. This web browser can be a good alternative for chrome as it provides private search. It uses a network overlay to hide your internet usage and location. Tor focuses on personal communication on its use to remain private and prevent advertisers from tracking you. To ensure unrestricted content, the browser makes all of its users look the same to confuse surveillance sites.

While Tor browser allows you to browse freely, it lets you surf the blocked websites on a network. On its use, you will notice less advertising on sites as seen on Chrome.

Wrapping up:

So, these are 7 best and free alternatives to Google Chrome browser you can rely on. We would recommend using Firefox for its inbuilt password saver. For smartphones, you can always switch to Opera, as it one great option for using a VPN. Other than that Tor browser is one which saves us from being tracked all the time while surfing the internet. You can choose from any of these and let us in comments which one do you prefer and why is that.

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