VR Gaming Headsets For Next-Gen Gamers

The introduction of Virtual Reality Technology has given new horizons of development to every industry. And the major revolution has been observed in Entertainment and Gaming Industry. This combination of Virtual Reality and Gaming Industry has given us the most innovative, cutting-edge gadgets that a tech lover and game lover could own.

Virtual Reality, Immersive Entertainment are the new definitions of Gaming Industry. In just a short span of time the VR headsets have gained a lot of popularity. The reason of which is not just the new technology but also the variety which comes with it. The variety is not just in the type of games but also the system compatibility which has options for all types of gamers whether PC game lover, Console game lover or Phone gaming lover.

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This blog is for all those people who are looking to dig their toes in this world of Virtual Reality games this festive season. We would be telling you about some basics that you should know before buying a VR headset. The first thing to know is that we have 3 types of VR headsets available in the market right now.

Types of VR Gaming Consoles

1. PC Based Headsets –

PC gaming is the most favorite system for playing games because of the excellent graphic quality, better performance, great experience and ease of playing. Though we do not have much options in the market for PC based Headsets and what we have, are expensive. But price of the product is worth the experience.

Oculus Rift

This was the first PC-powered headset, the first to kick-off the VR craze and which is also synonymously called as VR. Rift, offers a huge library of games and apps which are easy to setup and have a light and comfortable design.

The consumer edition of Oculus has 2160*1200 resolution with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Oculus now offers handheld touch controllers to give you the feel of using hands rather than just a clunky controller.


Image Source – cdn1.techadvisor.co.uk

HTC Vive –

HTC Vive gives us room-scale setup to have a wonderful VR experience. The HTC Vive kit includes a headset, two spatial motion controllers and external sensors to set up virtual room. HTC comes packed with 70 sensors to track the 360-degree head rotation and has 90Hz refresh rate.

It would be the best to have a powerful PC and a dedicated room for playing games based on HTC Vive to have the best experience.


Image Source – assets.pcmag.com

2. Console Based Headsets –

Like the PC gaming, Console based gaming has also been among the favorites for the game lovers. Gaming industry has merged the VR technology with the console based games and has given us something not to miss at all.

Sony PlayStation VR –

PlayStation VR is best option for all the gaming geeks and best over the PC based gaming headsets. This headset is comparatively less expensive than the above two but you would need to spend extra if you don’t have Playstation 4. The PS VR bundle comprises of a headset and 2 Move motion sensor controllers that opens a wide variety of games.


Image Source – 6.pcmag.com

3. Phone Based Headsets –

The phone based headsets are shells with lenses which hold your smartphone. The lenses separate the screen into two images for your eyes and turns your smartphone into a VR Device. The headsets are relatively less expensive as the complete processing is done by the smartphone with the only adjustment with the picture quality.

Let’s read about some of the best phone based headsets

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1. Google Cardboard –

This headset by Google made Virtual Reality Experience accessible to all people at a very less cost. This is ideal for beginners since it has a very simple setup and is compatible with all Android Devices. This headset kit comes in a do-it-yourself form and comes with a 40mm Focal distance lenses and with a guide to put it together.

The headset can work with numerous apps which comprises of games, video and more. It works by placing the phone at an optimal distance from the lenses and with the compatible apps the pictures and videos are converted into 3Dimensional images.


Image Source – roadtovrlive-5ea0.kxcdn.com

2. Google Daydream View –

A headset for a variety of Android smartphone users to enjoy the VR experiences to its best. The overall design of the Google Daydream View is not much different from the previous version of VR headset by Google but Google says it has better optics and new materials are used to manufacture it.

This new Daydream View has updated both security and comfort. Google introduced this headset with compatibility feature with Android 7.0 Nougat. So, you can connect this headset to all your latest smartphones like Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel 2S and future phones.


Image Source – androidcentral.com

3. Samsung Gear VR –

The virtual experience in Samsung Gear VR headset depends on the smartphone being used. Some features that don’t compromise with the VR experience irrespective of the smartphone being used are wide viewing angle of 101 degree and a dark tint to reduce glare and reflections. Some of the compatible phones are Galaxy S8, S8+, S7 and S7 Edge.

The addition of Bluetooth controller makes it an equally good option like the Google Daydream View as per the hardware perspective. But it has changed the VR experience in a big way. Setting up the Gear and connecting it with phone and other gadgets are very simple to accomplish.


Image Source – mobilepcmag.com

4. Carl Zeiss VR One –

Carl Zeiss, the German Lens Maker is well known for manufacturing optics for camera lenses. VR One uses a slide-out tray to hold the phone in place for you to experience the VR world.

The main body of the headset is made up of solid matte-white plastic and the front panel is made of translucent black plastic. Ventilation holes can be seen on the black trim which is also lined from below with foam mesh to avoid the mist and fog formation on the lens.

The headset has a triple layer of foam to protect your eyes and a double head strap for keeping the headset in place.


Image Source – c.slashgear.com

5. Homido V2 –

This headset is one more such gadget in the affordable category for experiencing Virtual Reality for smartphone users. This headset is compatible with both the Android and iOS smartphones.

The Homido VR V2 has a 100-degree field of view and can accommodate various kinds of smartphones in varied sizes. With the features like focal point adjustments, comfortable face padding and a secure and sturdy 3-point headband bought quite a good preference among the people.


Image Source – s.aolcdn.com

6. Merge VR Goggles –

One more headset of the budget-friendly category which transports you to the Virtual worlds and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Being constructed of a material soft like a marshmallow which can provide unparalleled comfort by naturally fitting as per the contours of your face.

Other features offered in the headset are the adjustment of lenses as per the user need, buttons to start interaction with your content and a slider on the front window in case you want to use the headset for Augment and Mixed Reality apps.


Image Source – damngeeky.com

We hope that the above categorization and list helps you in finding out the best VR headset for yourself. Let us know through comments which is your favorite if you already own one.

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