5 Tips and Tricks to Fast Charge Your Smartphone on the Go!

Can you spend a day without using your smartphone? You certainly can’t. We can survive without food for hours, but when it comes to smartphones, we don’t like to make any compromises. Just like we need air to breathe, and fuel to drive our vehicles, the battery acts in the same for a smartphone. From using social media accounts to clicking selfies, we use our phones for 24×7 hours without getting bored. Hence, charging our device is one essential task that needs to be done right to keep our smartphone running in an optimum state. There’s absolutely no bigger pleasure than seeing our phone’s battery level on 100% running smoothly at its peak performance.

Well, modern-day smartphones are equipped with advanced technologies that can charge our device from 0 to 100 in almost 30 minutes. But not all devices are capable of superhero charging capabilities, right? However, there’s nothing to be disheartened about! Here are a couple of fast charge tips and tricks that will allow you to charge your smartphone way faster than you can imagine.

Before you run out of patience, let’s get started and explore these useful tips and tricks to charge your device on the go!

Switch to Airplane Mode

Switch to Airplane Mode
Image Source: Be Yourself

This is one of the most effective, tried and tested ways that allow you to charge your device battery way faster than ever. As we all are aware when you enable Airplane mode on your smartphone, it cuts the network connectivity completely. So, if you’re living in an area where signal strength is poor, it will drain a lot of battery in the background. To fast charge your device, what you can do is simply switch to airplane mode and then plug your device to power. Experts have claimed that when you put your phone in Airplane mode while charging, the charging time is reduced by almost 25%. Isn’t that great?

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Prefer a Wall Socket Adapter

Prefer a Wall Socket Adapter
Image Source: Extreme Tech

Most of us have a habit of charging our device with a USB cable when we’re working on a laptop or PC. Well, you should stop doing so if you want to preserve your smartphone’s battery life. When it comes to charging our device rightly, always prefer a wall socket adapter. Using the original accessories will keep the battery health in optimum state and will also enhance your smartphone’s performance.

Wireless Charging—Nay?

Wireless Charging—Nay
Image Source: Reddit

As we’re primarily focusing on fast charge tips and tricks, the option for wireless charging might not fit well in this scenario. Wondering why? A lot of researchers and surveyors have claimed that the speed of wireless charging is comparatively slower than regular wired charging. So, if you’re really looking forward to fast charging then you should keep the option of wireless charging aside.

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Consider the Environmental Factors

Consider the Environmental Factors
Image Source: Gadget Match

The charging capabilities of your smartphone are judged by various factors. And yes, the environment certainly plays a huge role in it. If you want to fast charge your device, one needs to make sure that your phone’s temperature is cool, it is getting enough air from surroundings so that your device is not heating up due to any reason. Avoid contact of direct sunlight and also while you’re driving in a heated atmosphere. As soon as you see your device is heating up, turn it off and keep it in a cool environment. Heat can prove out to be the biggest enemies of your phone’s battery, so yes give it a break and keep it cool!

Power Down

Power Down
Image Source: Lifewire

Last but not the least, when it comes to fast charging your device nothing works better than turning your device off completely. It will just be a matter of a few minutes or an hour until your smartphone is fully charged. Charging while your device is on shut down mode, speeds up the charging process as there is no network connectivity, no background activity, and absolutely no screen activity.

So fellas here were the 5 most useful fast charge tips and tricks for a speedy charging experience. So, next time when your device battery is running low on juice, make sure you use these tips to save time and keep your device battery health in optimum condition.

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