Some Useful iPhone Security & Privacy Settings

Our smartphone is an object, which contains every information related to us, how we think, what we do, where we go, everything. Smartphones consists of huge amount of data, from financial to health to searches we make, apps we use and many more metrics, which we aren’t aware of.

So, to safeguard all your information and data, Apple rolled out some features in its iOS 12 update. These features are mainly focused on security and privacy of the user. Let’s take a look at some of the security & privacy settings in iOS 12, which you might not be aware of.

1. Create Strong Web & App Password

iOS 12 comes with an ability to create a strong password for applications and web sites automatically. It automatically creates a super strong password, which you might forget. So, for this, iOS saves the password on iCloud Keychain. After this, whenever you open an app and web site in any of the iOS device, AutoFill feature will automatically fill in your password.

Create Strong Web & App Password
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To use this feature, next time when you create an account on any platform, when you go for ‘Select password’, you will notice that a unique password has been filled by iOS automatically. To use this password, press ‘Use Strong Password’ button. After which, this password is saved on iCloud Keychain.

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2. Auto-Delete Encrypted Messages

Well, iOS uses end to end encryption method, which allows only user and recipient to read the conversation, not even Apple has access to it. But still, the messages need to be secure from anyone accessing them. So, for this, in iOS 12, there is a feature to auto-delete encrypted messages, where all messages will be deleted within the time span of 30 days.

Auto-Delete Encrypted Messages
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To enable this feature, go to Settings. Now, search for Messages>Keep Messages.

Now, select an option from 30 days, 1 year or forever to keep messages. If you select 30 days, then messages will be automatically deleted from your iPhone after 30 days. By default, it is set to forever.

3. Change Search Engine For More Privacy

As we know, Google is the search engine Apple uses by default, for which Google pays a lot to Apple. But now iOS offers more secure and private search, as it is now offering DuckDuckGo search engine, which mainly focuses on privacy of the user.

Change Search Engine For More Privacy
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To change search engine, go to ‘Settings’. Now, select Safari>Search Engine. Tap on DuckDuckGo to set it as a search engine in your iPhone.

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4. Erase Data In Emergency

Some smartphones as a security measure provide phone lockup feature, where if you enter incorrect password for continuously three times, your phone gets locked for the next few minutes. Whereas, on the other hand, iOS, after continuous 10 incorrect attempts automatically erases all your data, so that no one else could access that data. This feature is very useful for data protection.

Erase Data In Emergency
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To enable this feature on iPhone, go to ‘Settings’. Now, select ‘Face ID & Passcode’, where at the bottom of the screen you will find an option titled ‘Erase Data’. Slide the bar to enable this feature.

This was all folks! These are some of the privacy & security settings, which you might not be aware of. These settings are very useful to keep your data protected and secure from any exploitation. Make sure you follow every step correctly, otherwise it may affect your device default settings.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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