How To Fix PUBG Mobile “Network Error, Login Failed” Problem

Popular video game series PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) has not just gained immense popularity in the game industry but also witnessed various setbacks in recent times. The addictive game was banned and found to be a threat to the sovereignty, integrity, and defense of India and other countries. As a result, several gamers went on the hunt for different solutions to get their hands on the game and play it on mobile phones & PCs. 

When nothing worked, gamers installed the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. But the problem wasn’t solved here! A lot of individuals started complaining about not being able to log in and play while encountering the message “Network Error, Login Failed. Please Check Your Network Settings.” The developers have even acknowledged the issue and suggested users restart their game client in order to log back in.

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What Is PUBG Mobile Login Error?

It’s an Internet error that you may receive while trying to log in on PUBG Mobile. When this error message appears, users are unable to access the app and play the game. Weirdly, some users have reported that after updating their Twitter app to the latest version, players started facing login issues. 

What Does Login Failure Mean?

“Failed to login please try again” on PUBG Mobile and other similar errorserror usually means, the entered username or password is incorrect. Alternatively, if the user password has expired, players may face failed login issues. 

Similar Login Errors You May Face While Playing PUBG Mobile Are: 

  • Network error login failed PUBG without VPN
  • Network error login failed PUBG emulator in game loop
  • Failed to login please try again PUBG Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile network error login failed in PC

What Causes PUBG Mobile “Network Error, Login Failed” Issue?

“Network Error, Login Failed error” on PUBG could have been caused by the massive influx of players, especially after the F2P update. Besides this, the common reasons for encountering login issues include 

  • Poor Internet connection. 
  • The game server is down or under maintenance. 
  • Your ISP has blocked the game platform from their DNS. 

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Ways To Fix “Failed To log in, Please Try Again” On PUBG Mobile (2023)

Follow this guide in the stated order to troubleshoot the “PUBG Mobile network error login failed”. 

METHOD 1 = Change Your Device Region

Often by changing the device region of your smartphone, you can trick your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the game platform and certain services that are prohibited to use. To change the device region on Android, here’s what you need to do: 

STEP 1 = Launch Settings on your Android device. 

STEP 2 = Navigate to the “Additional Settings” option. 

STEP 3 = Locate the “Region” section and change the current location to another place. 

Note: The battle royale game is banned in the following countries: India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordan, Israel, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. So, make sure you do not select any of these countries. 

Hope this method helps in playing PUBG Mobile without any hiccups. 

tipsAdditional Tip

How To Make PUBG Lag-Free On Any Android Smartphone?

There are several users who have reported some lagging issues while playing PUBG Mobile. If you’re tired of those high-ping issues, we advise you to use a game booster application. Running them via playing PUBG can substantially improve your gaming experience and uninterrupted operations. I’ve been personally using Smart Phone Cleaner to speed up devices and eliminate lag and unresponsive controls via playing games on mobile. Simply install the app > go to the Game SpeedUp module > Add the games you wish to boost performance for. 

Smart Phone Cleaner

METHOD 2 = Use Cloudflare DNS

Whenever a website or platform gets banned or restricted to use, the ISPs in the specific region block the particular service from their DNS. If you don’t know, DNS is the inhibitor of your device. It allows your device to communicate in the binary language of the Internet. To resolve the “PUBG Mobile Network Error Login Failed Issue” DNS Changer & Net Speed Test can be used. 

STEP 1 = Navigate to the Google Play Store and look for DNS Changer & Net Speed Test application. 

DNS Changer & Net Speed Test application

STEP 2 = As soon as it’s installed, allow the app necessary permissions. 

STEP 3 = Once you run the app, it will change your device’s DNS address, not affecting your connection speed in any way. 

Just make sure to run the DNS Changer & Net Speed Test app in the background, while playing PUBG, so that you don’t face any failed login errors or similar issues. 

METHOD 3 = Change Your Network

If you are playing PUBG on a Wi-Fi network, we recommend you switch to Mobile Data to ensure the game is working flawlessly. In case you’re playing using Mobile Data, we suggest you connect to a friend’s device network, and hopefully, that helps you to resolve the “Network error login failed” on PUBG. 

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METHOD 4 = Reset The Device

Have you been playing the popular PUBG Mobile on your computer using an emulator? In case you’re struggling with a “PUBG Mobile network error, login failed in PC”, follow the instructions stated below to reset the device and get rid of the issue.  

STEP 1 = Launch the PUBG emulator on your desktop. 

STEP 2 = Close the game and navigate to the emulator’s Home Page and hit the F9 key. 

STEP 3 = Head towards the Settings menu and look for the “Apps” section. Find the PUBG app from the drop-down menu and hit the “Clear data” or “Clear Cache” button. 

Clear Cache

This will clear all the redundant files and reset your device to the default state. Do not forget to restart the emulation program and you should be free from the “Network error, login failed PUBG emulator game loop” issue. 

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Bottom Line

We hope you found our guide useful for tackling “Network error, login failed. Please check your network settings.” on PUBG Mobile. Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network so that you don’t face this annoying Internet error. Additionally, you may consider freeing up storage space or reinstalling the PUBG Mobile app to fix the issue. 

If you know any other workaround to fix “Network error login failed on PUBG error”, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. And, do not forget to follow us on FacebookPinterestYouTubeFlipboardInstagram, and Twitter


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