PS4 Games We Cannot Wait for in 2017

The enhanced PS4 Pro has already made its appearance and now supports 4k rendering. This means the PS4 Pro is the most powerful and advanced video game console currently. But with such high level of graphical improvements, it would be completely unfair if we weren’t supplemented with some insane new games this year. 2017 is going to be a blast for gamers across the globe and PS4 owners are certainly going to be a major part of this video game fiesta. If you own or planning to buy the new PS4 Pro, then here’re some of the most insane and the best games on PlayStation 4 that are set for a launch this year.

5 Best PS4 Games 2017

1.      Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 6 might have sold a lot of copies, but that doesn’t stop it from being the worst game in the title. Despite of several new gameplay and graphical improvements, RE6 was a hodgepodge of characters in one of the most linear and confusing gameplay and storyline that puts the live action movies to shame. Thankfully Capcom soon realized that the fans were asking for a survival horror game rather than a testosterone fueled shooting game with zombies. Previews and gameplay teasers have already shown Resident Evil 7 to be a 1st person game, which is a complete departure from the gameplay in most titles in the series. Although Resident Evil Gun Survivor and Dead Aim have already experimented with this idea, Resident Evil 7 uses the perspective to create some serious atmospheric tension and jump scares. This is certainly one of the best PS4 games.

2.      God of War 4


Although this isn’t the 4th game in the series God of War 4 picks from where God of War 3 (PS3) left off. It follows the series primary protagonist Kratos as he will try to rebuild his life after the events of God of War 3. There are several changes on the table including beings and creatures from the Norse mythology and some tremendous gameplay changes. The hack n slash perspective from older titles have now been changed to a traditional 3rd person camera and new combat moves. A major departure from the older games is the absence of Kratos’ iconic chain blades that have been replaced with a magical axe. Another inclusion is Kratos’ son who will also play a major role in the game.

3.      Sniper Elite 4


Stealth, Shooting, Espionage and World War 2, Sniper Elite has all the right ingredients to make a great video game series. Coming for the PS4 will be the 4th installment of this highly praised game franchise. The story will be a continuation of Sniper Elite 3 and will feature battles in a Fascist Italy during the events of World War 2. X-Ray kill system has been improved and revamped, with the inclusion of melee and stealth kills along with shrapnel damage. So get ready to kick some serious Axis butt in this classic War game, sure to become the best PS4 game.

4.      Nioh


If you loved playing Onimusha series and Ninja Gaiden, Nioh will certainly blow your minds this year. It combines elements from Hack & Slash and RPG and involves a story set in the Sengoku period of Japan during the 17th century. Unlike most new action RPG games such as Skyrim and Shadow of Mordor, Nioh doesn’t include an open world gameplay. The game’s plot is also said to be an adaptation of a story written by Akira Kurosawa and is going to be extremely immersive and fun. It would definitely feel a little refreshing to play a linear game rather than waste time in boring side quests. Nioh surely has all the qualities to become one of the best PS4 games of all time.

5.      Double Dragon 4


This is one series we haven’t heard from a long time. The original Double Dragon game was not only a major hit during its release, but also became a staple of the beat em up genre during the golden age of video games. However, things became bad for the franchise when the gameplay was changed to a one-on-one fighting with Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls. Which also means that Double Dragon 4 will be a continuation of the story that ended with Double Dragon 3. Teasers have already shown it to have 8-bit styled sprites but with modern gameplay mechanics, including several moves.

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We know these are just handful of the expansive PS4 library. But looking at the success and popularity of these franchises along with their reputation to innovate gameplay with each title, they’re bound to be highly awaited and become best games on PlayStation 4. If you have any more names to add to this list, please use the comments section and happy gaming.

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