One More Reason For Women To Love Apple Watch Series 5 (Men Love Them Too)!

Apple Watch has been a proactive health tracker since its inception and as the series moves ahead, new features are bringing better insights into the health condition. Apple Event 2019 also revealed the real experiences of people who escaped from major health problems by wearing Apple Watch on their wrist.

This time too, get ready for showbiz! On 19th September 2019, new additions and innovations are showing its way!

Reason 1: Cycle Tracking Feature

Now women have an active period tracker on their wrist! As they wear the watch, it will provide them a clear health picture as usual but also warns them to prepare for oncoming periods. It also tracks any kind of irregularities and other symptoms, so you can enrich discussions with your doctor, in case it is needed.

In fact, women can plan their time of conceiving through fertility window as well as find any signs of ovarian syndrome. Plus, they can log on the flow, cramps, and headaches in this cycle tracking feature and learn about own body cycle in a better manner.

Now, ladies, you must be thanking Apple for passing through this innovative idea!

Cycle Tracking App

Reason 2: Addition of Noise App

Even Apple knows it in detail that noise pollution is high around the world and this environment may damage the hearing capacity. Hence, Noise App is a guiding light by sending the notifications on your watch if the volume exceeds above a certain level. You can check the sound decibels around live as well and in fact push notification drops on the watch when the sound exceeds the required limit.

Those who work in a noisy environment like factories or production units can take advantage of this feature, be them, men or women.

Addition of Noise App

Reason 3: International Emergency Calling

Being an iPhone user gives you so many benefits including Emergency SOS. And now this feature comes with a cherry of international calling is perfect. All you need to do is press and hold the side button to connect with emergency contacts. Moreover, if you are not near to your iPhone, making calls is absolutely possible.

So ladies and gentlemen, now you can travel freely around the world without worrying about safety.

International Emergency Calling

Reason 4: Stay Healthy & Fit

Since App Store is now settling on the wrist, you can always take help of Waterminder, Yazio, and Meditopia, apart from all the other applications. But why we are focusing on these three? It is because Waterminder takes care of water intake and helps in reaching the goal of enough hydration on a daily basis.

Yazio logs your meals, find out the calories taken and track the diet plan for a healthy lifestyle.

At the same time, Meditopia focuses on mental strength. It helps in throwing away the daily stress by indulging you in meditation, finding happiness and have improved sleep.

Stay Healthy & Fit

Reason 5: Question-Answer Session With Siri

Yes, you love Siri answering all your questions on the phone. But how about working in the kitchen with messy hands and asking your wrist to answer back? Enhanced Siri feature is a big Yes to all the people where they can browse the results closer than ever.

What’s More?

These are not the only reasons why everyone loves Apple watch! It can obviously take care of your heart rate, record the voice memo, imbibed with a Calculator app, allows shopping of new apps, and have better highlights of Health app via iPhone.

New additions for women like cycle tracking feature have shown up for the first time and this is where Apple is hitting new highs for balanced health stats.

It’s time to see the magic of Apple Watch OS 6, people! We hope you are ready to experience a new wave. Do not forget to share your views and comments in the section below.

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