How To Backup Photos While Traveling Without Your Laptop

They say there are tourists and then there are ‘travelers’. If you are traveler, you would want to capture your best moments with photographs instead of merely clicking selfies.

And it is equally important to keep those precious memories and moments well-preserved. Going digital – as we all have gone – solves most problems but has its cons. You may end up losing your camera, breaking it (I did!), or your SD card could just choose to go kaput. So it’s best to keep backing up your photos during your travels even if you don’t have a laptop with you.

So here are some ways to backup your photos while you are on the go…

  1. Dual memory cards: Have a look at your camera’s card slot, if you’re lucky enough, you may find a backup solution built right within your camera in the form of dual card slots. Cameras with dual slots automatically write the captured images in both the cards simultaneously, saving your time and resources.

dual memory cards

On the other hand, you must be extra careful as both the cards are at same place, so if one goes missing, the other one goes too. You may also consider swapping the cards on a regular interval to be sure you’ve information spread out so you don’t lose it all at once.

  1. Portable backup device: While laptops are ideal to go along with your itinerary, it is unlikely that you’ve any desire to lug it around. This is where a portable backup tool comes in handy. A portable backup device accepts both SD and CF cards and copies the data into its internal storage as a backup. They’re available in different capacities and you can get one that goes well with your needs. The biggest advantage of these devices is they don’t require a computer, to function.

portable backup device

  1. Multiple SD cards: This one may be one of the cheapest ways to manage photos on the road. SD cards are very economical and buying them in bulk is going to save some more pennies. With multiple cards, you can categorize certain segments of your trip on separate cards. However, it’s not a backup solution on its own and you’re supposed to make extra copies for backup in another way (cloud is a smart option) to avoid data loss.

multiple SD card to backup photos

  1. Cloud storage: If the smartphone is your primary camera, backing up is not that difficult. Right Backup Anywhere is a dedicated app for Android and iOS that protects your data even if you happen to lose the device. The app just requires you to set up an account, and you can access your photos, videos and files anywhere and anytime by using the same account. Right Backup Anywhere ensures the security of your photos and videos by using double encryption viz. SSL and ASE-26.

cloud storage for backup photos

  1. SDHC with Wi-Fi: An SD card with Wi-Fi connectivity is the ‘hot cake’ in backup mechanism. There’re many manufacturers of Wi-Fi SD cards but Eye-Fi Mobi Pro is trusted by a lot of users. This enables you to transfer images and videos directly from your camera to your smartphone, tablet, computer or cloud.

sdhc with Wifi

To start with it, you need to download and install the PC or mobile app on the device you want the photos sent to. To transfer your photos, these cards can use an existing wireless network or create their own private connections. This enables you to backup your photos on the go without having to worry about connecting to an available Wi-Fi.

Taking everything into account, backing up your photos is no more a problem if you’re not carrying your computer. With the above mentioned resources, you can find choose the solution you are most comfortable with. However, I am partial with Cloud Backup. If security is something that matters to you, cloud backup is one of the safest ways to upload your images and access it anytime and anywhere.

So, what’s going to be your pick?

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