Crazy Tech Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Baffled

Sure we’re living pretty comfortable lives thanks to consumer technology and industrialization. But that doesn’t mean we’re fully satisfied. Regardless of how advanced or high-tech manufacturers claim their technology to be. There are some frustrating flaws that will make you doubt whether they’re trying to make your lives comfortable or simply ripping you off. If you’re one of those readers who likes to read between the lines, never fully trusting the apparent, here are some insane conspiracy theories that will give more power to your doubt.

  1. Imperfect Technology


From smartphones, to software and from automobiles to light bulbs most of the electronic and electric appliances and tools we use are examples of imperfect technology. Many of you would ask why are the companies trying to sell imperfect technologies? The answer is simple, if Apple sold you an iPhone that would last you a lifetime, they’ve already lost their customer. Consider this outrageous or not, but there are countless documents and evidences that suggest that we’re being bombarded with unfinished products to sustain economy run from the spending of consumers. iPhones are programmed to get slow over time forcing a user to upgrade to a newer model; a norm that is cryptically followed by most businesses.

  1. Nokia Fall Orchestrated?


Remember the times when the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia literally slayed the market in the 90s? While their highly sturdy mobile phone models have reached iconic status in popular culture, the company was acquired by tech moguls Microsoft in 2013. While mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in the corporate sector, it was the insanely low price that attracted skeptics’ attention. Allegedly Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop (who also served his tenure as a former Microsoft executive) orchestrated the entire thing where most Nokia technologies were scrapped in favor of Microsoft OS. Soon the once glorious organization lost a majority of their market share and was finally left in a position where they were easily devoured by Microsoft.

  1. Held Back Automobile Tech


There are nearly countless theories that claim the current automotive technology to be obsolete. But if that is the case, why do we still see this technology being used in even larger numbers? According to several sources, the reason why we haven’t seen a major shift from fossil fuel engines to cleaner alternative are the various oil companies. While there have been several reports of cleaner alternatives for fossil fuel powered internal combustion engines such as Electric and hydrogen fuel powered cars, none of these have seen a wide scale adoption. This is in fact, considered a conspiracy by fuel companies and automobile manufacturers to preserve the delicate balance of economic inflow.

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  1. Edward Snowden


If you ever had a feeling like you were being watched then you were probably right as seen in the Edward Snowden affair. The name doesn’t sound familiar? Well, Edward Snowden is a former CIA employee and computer professional who is known for his work as a major pain in the neck for American government. All he did was leak some confidential reports that proved NSA’s involvement in various surveillance programs on the public, without their knowledge. This not only turned into a major international incident with Snowden ending up taking refuge in Russia, but also revealed hideous secrets of the US government and major tech manufacturers and providers.

  1. Apollo Moon Landings

apollo-fake moon landing

On July 24th 1969, the world witnessed the first successful manned mission to the Moon. While this was considered as a stepping stone for mankind on a macro level, NASA was given all the credit and soon established US as a world’s leading superpower. But according to various theorists, this was nothing but a hoax that the US government conjured in order to win the arms race against the Soviet Union. NASA have recently released hundreds of original photographs from the mission to prove things otherwise. However, the fact that NASA even acknowledged such an outrageous conspiracy and releasing photos to debunk them definitely seems like a desperate act to conceal something.

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  1. Most Expensive Liquid on the Planet?


Mere words have no value is certainly a thing of the past as consumerism has proven time and again that anything can be sold for a price if the marketing is right. The best example of this can be seen with printer ink cartridges. Yes, the same ink used in your average ink jet printer is considered to be one of the most expensive liquid being sold across the globe. Printer ink is so expensive that it can also exceed the actual printer’s cost. Moreover, there have been reports of the complimentary free cartridges not being full, eventually forcing the users to purchase new ones.

It would be easy to brush the abovementioned theories as bollocks but you certainly cannot ignore what’s in front of you for long. While the internet is full of outrageous tech conspiracies that include alien and divine intervention, the abovementioned list is plausible to scary degrees. Whether you choose to ignore them or not, totally depends on your discretion and choice. If you have any such shocking tech stories and theories, please feel free to provide your suggestions in comments.


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    The automotive part really interests me. Ive read about people inventing engines running on water, getting killed. Its all so crazy.

    6 years ago

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