Advanced System Protector: Your Last Resort Against Malware

Malware, computer viruses and Trojans have existed ever since the first use of computer networks. These malicious programs are designed specifically to infiltrate users’ computer networks and cause damage. While most such viruses started as jokes to annoy internet users, they have evolved into highly devious cyberweapons, some of which (Stuxnet) can bring down entire nations. Thankfully, such highly advanced cyberweapons are hardly tried on the average internet user, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. With the rise in the number of internet users worldwide and development of new internet based technologies have made us far more vulnerable than we ever were. The only protection we can vouch for are the numerous anti-virus programs you can find for your computer such as Advanced System Protector.

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How Malware Enters Your System

Malware and other such malicious junk can end up on your computer in number of ways.

  • Installing programs from untrustworthy sources. Viruses are often bundled with crap such as toolbars, screensavers and torrent downloads.
  • You were fooled into installing a malware as it appeared like a genuine software or update.
  • Downloaded items from spam emails and infected email attachments or infected web links.
  • Programs with low repute and popularity secretly install spyware and adware if you’re not too careful during the install procedure.

Symptoms That Your System Could be Infected

With such nefarious programs aboard your system, there’s a definitive chance of some unusual behavior on your system. Listed below are some of the commonly encountered problems on an infected computer.

  • Slow Startup and performance becomes extremely common.
  • Unusually slow internet speeds as malware can interfere with network.
  • Too many popups each time you click on your browser. This could mess up internet navigation and make searches extremely slow.
  • Certain programs, especially .exe files will stop working including PDF readers etc.
  • Certain webpages can also stop being responsive especially if they are about disinfecting your computer.

How to Stop Such Programs

The best chance that we have against such nefarious software is by ensuring that we have a proper anti-virus and anti-malware program installed. There are plenty of highly reliable and adept anti-virus programs that’ll help you keep such infectious junk off your system. However, you can also try your hands on the highly compact yet powerful Advanced System Protector by Systweak.

Advanced System Protector by Systweak Software

As the name suggests, this powerful tool can easily detect and remove all your system infections and help root out viruses and malicious files with deep cleaning algorithms. Not just this, Advanced System Protector also provides real-time protection against any lurking malware or spyware that seek to enter your system.

What Advanced System Protector Does?

Advanced System Protector has all the tools that you require to clean your computer from any viruses, malware, spyware and infectious files. You can check out its various functions as listed below.

  1. Cleans adware, malware and any unwanted programs such as toolbars and screensavers that were installed without your permission.
  2. Quick scanning allows you to clean your computer much faster than most anti-virus programs. Regardless, it ensures that it detects malicious files from the most hidden locations on your system.
  3. Free automatic updates ensure that the program is up to date with information about the latest strains of infectious viruses. This provides a much better protection against newer malware that have recently surfaced.
  4. Despite of its various functions, Advanced System Protector is extremely light when it comes to using computer resources. It doesn’t slow your computer and doesn’t cause any additional load on system memory.

Internet and virus security is a must have if you use internet for various financial transactions such as banking, shopping and trading etc. Advanced System Protector helps you enjoy the world-wide web without the fear of being compromised by such infectious and malicious viruses that could damage your system and risk your personal security.

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